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Bodyweight Workouts

I’m looking to begin a bodyweight program. I’ve tried to look at all of the ones on this site, but this pictures don’t work, so it’s a bit tough. I’m in basketball, softball, and tennis. I’m 4’9" and 82 lbs. What would be a good bodyweight thing to do.

You’re still a kid, right? And you’re playing lots of sports? So don’t get too hung up on the details. What I would advise is
Chin-ups/Pull ups for your upper body pulling muscles, and dips and push-ups for your pushing muscles. 3-4 sets of each. Try to perform almost as many reps as possible. Stop about 1-2 reps short of failure on each set.
25 meter x10 Sprint for your legs.
Try hanging leg raises or hanging pikes for your abs.
Do this 2-3 times a week on your off days from sports, or, if you are too busy, as far separated from your practices as possible.
This should make you the strongest and toughest little athlete in your neigbourhood. Good luck.

Heres what I do some times when I can’t get to the weight room (hell, I do most of these even when I do lift) chins, dips, push ups, chinnies, flutter kicks, GPP rounds, Renegade rope work one leg squats, towel chins, bar hangs, and of sit-ups,running and sprinting because the airforce says so.
I will usually do High rep sets for most of the stuff except towel chins, because they are pretty tough.
Good Luck

Get Juan Carlos Santanas videos on body weight conditioning.That all ya need! Peace