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Bodyweight Workout


I'm going to Florida for two week later this moth with no access to weights. I'm not really looking to do any lower body work, but I still need to do something while I'm there. Should I stick to chin ups, pull ups, push ups, and crunches?


You could add in burpees, handstand pushups against a wall, i would do some kind of squat. Hindu pushups and divebomber push ups are great too. And dont forget dips.


I know you said no lower body workout but you should try pistols. That is my goal to be able to do them


One arm Pushups, handstand pushups, pullups, and dips should do you fine. Throw in plank holds or hanging leg raises for you abs.



great Ian King article. The 1 legged BW Stiff DL was a good addition.


yup, great exercise. I can get to 8 or 10 before the legs burn like hell. I can't imagine how Steve Cotter (IIRC), does them with like a 60 lb kettlebell or whatever amount it is.


I think he did it with "the beast" the 100+lb kettlebell


If you have some jump stretch band, defenetly bring them with you, you'll be able to perform A LOT of exercises.