Bodyweight Workout?

Due to my back injury (2 bulged discs), my doctor has suspended me from lifting any weights. The good news is he said that I can still do body weight exercises. Anyway here’s what I’ve come up with:

Monday- 400 Pushups
Tuesday- 200 crunches
Wednesday- 100 Chin Ups
Thursday-400 Pushups
Friday- 200 crunches
Saturday- 100 Chin Ups
Sunday- Off


I am not sure how far along your body (strength-wise) is…but that is a lot of bodyweight type movements superman. I’ve known very few guys that could do 200 pushups in one session…but 400…DAMN.

Seriously you might want to focus on building the always essential core… check out King and Chek for details.

How about some squats? You don’t seem to have anything for your lower body.

CW once put together a BW only leg program, and posted it as a reply one of the forums, either building a better body, or Strenght I can’t seem to remember. But it is worth hunting down if body wieght exercises are all you are capable of doing.

Also I agree that 400 pushups are a lot to hit in one session, and your time may be better spent doing some type of total body, or upper body lower body split. maybe like

M,W,F: total body
t,thurs,sat: cardio/esw. (if ok with your Doc)


Mon, Thurs= upper body: both pushing, and pulling.
Tues, Fri= lower body: both quad, and hip dominate.
Weds, and sat could be used to do some type of cardio/esw work, and sunday would be your off day

I also agree that you should look into adding as much core work, as you can handle and throw it in were you see fit.


Oh, and I will look around to see if I still have the link to the CW program I mentioned above.

Push-ups are a far better “full body movement” than Bench pressing. More pressure is placed on your lower back when doing Push-ups than when you are Bench Pressing.

If you want to take it easy on your lower back then simply perform a Bench Press with a moderate weight with no arching. What could be easier on your lower back than lying flat (no arch) on a Bench?

Yeah I thought about doing some squats, but even single leg squats started to bother my back, so I decided to be safe and just ditch it.

why not try something different rather than trying to mimmick your regular workout with bodyweight exercises?

try condensing down to like two days of push up/shoulder press combo and pullups with alternating split squat jumps for the lower body. (the push up/shoulder press combo works like this do one standard push-up immediately followed by a kneeling overhead press with no weight…just mimmick a shoulder press) then ascend to as many as possible…should look like this 1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4 and so on trying to get to 15…good luck and mix in hill running, swimming, and even yoga or something of the such if you can man up to that…good luck with your back…bryan

How about some lower body work:
Pistols (one leg squat)
Ski Squat
One Leg squat Off Box
King Deadlift (one leg)

Check out the following Ian King articles for more:
Death By Bodyweight
Bring The Pain (parts 1-4)

[quote]T-man wrote:
Yeah I thought about doing some squats, but even single leg squats started to bother my back, so I decided to be safe and just ditch it.[/quote]

I regret to inform you that you must change your screenname. A real “T-man” FINDS A WAY TO SQUAT!