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Bodyweight Workout?


I've been lifting for a while and, while not amazingly strong, have made some good gains and put on muscle while cutting a lot of fat at the uni gym. Now that I've graduated, though, I have to join a commercial one to lift weights... and I'm not sure I'm ready for that commitment, although I had a free month I took advantage of. I also suspect I over-trained for a considerable amount of time and am facing some serious burn-out.

I'm thinking about switching to a bodyweight routine for a while and see what happens. Any recommendations? Any experience? I'd like to gain strength or at least preserve strength and mass. Thinking about doing http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/death_by_bodyweight this for at least a week or two. Any advice would be appreciated.


Get a gym membership.


What i always do when i go on vacation is do some sort of bodyweight routine

consisting of:
- pull ups
- dips between chairs
- push ups ( different forms ) ( Chad Waterbury explenation on how to do a basic push up is good )
- bycicle crunches
- pistol squats

There are countless more things you can do with your body, as long as you bring the intensisty you can alter your physique, mits diet etc is also up to par.

Don't expect to become a huge motherfocker tho, goodluck.


Serious burn out???? It takes weeks, if not months to burn out. With the mentality you have (not ready for a commitment????) you are no where near a burn out.

Grow a set, hit the gym and stop making excuse for every aspect of your life.

Lift heavy, eat lots and get plenty of rest.


I lifted for well over a year straight. I'm not ready to pay for a gym membership because I'm not sure how long I'm going to live in this city.


And you live in the only city in the world that doesn't do monthly dues. Yeah, we know.


It's called a $50 fee just for signing. The monthly fees are in addition.


Doesn't matter. Do bodywork, p90x, jungle gum, whatever tickles your fancy. Just stop making excuses,stop using negative talk and just do it.


bodyweight has a lot to offer- that said, it's worth investing in some of the following: suspension system (Lifeline jungle gym not expensive) / bands (elitefts) / weight vest (xvest) / weight plates and perhaps even a swiss ball for various exercises.

you can't go wrong with

push: push up --> dip
pull: supine row --> pull-up
quad-dominant: prisoner squat --> bulgarian/RFESS (+ then add weight)
hip-dominant: bodyweight one-leg deadlift --> dumbbell one-leg deadlift

If you're into bodybuilding purposes:

2x a week - push + quad-dominant supersetted (AMRAP) for 10 sets of each (rest 30s between each superset)
2x a week - pull + hip-dominant supersetted (AMRAP) for 10 sets of each

progress to the next progression when you can complete 15 reps of the previous

  • the usual assistance work of abs, direct arm work, calfs .. blah blah blah (or any other assistance work that fits your goals)

-- just an idea...


Thanks timfortehwin, I think I have set up a decent workout schedule now. I have one of those pull-up bars you attach to a door frame and am making hellaciously good use out of it. My schedule is:

Day 1:
3 sets push ups (or variation)
3 sets handstand pushups
3 sets dips on a bench, feet elevated

Day 2:
3 sets pull-ups
3 sets inverted rows (I use boxes to elevate my feet so that I'm parallel to the ground, using the pull-up bar to row)
3 sets inverted rear-delt rows

Day 3:
3 sets Bulgarian squats
3 sets one-leg SLDL
3 sets one-leg calf raise

I use a hand-gripper for my forearm, as well as suspend myself for extended periods of time on the pull-up bar. I think my traps are getting hit as is, but might see how doing a shoulder shrug from a handstand position would work.