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Bodyweight Workout Without Warm-up?


I have very little free time in this period of my life so I can't go to gym and train, but I can have 20 minutes once or twice in a day for a workout.

If I do very slow bodyweight pushups, chinups and squats in that 20 minutes but without warmup, would that do any harm to my joints or connective tissues(or any other part) in a long run?





Do you warm up before you go walking?


Split your bodyparts' volume and take advantage of the increased intensity.


Why do you ask? :slightly_smiling:

Ok, thank you all for answers, I get it...


I used to do this in my work breaks or lunchtimes.
You could walk about a bit ,jog or do arm circles first. I used to do
one arm press ups and chinups in a GTG (several times a day) and grippers too.

I surprised myself with the progress. When you can do more reps the warm becomes less crucial.
Some bw squats and lunges might be a nice warmup. Look up the World Strongest Librarian , he has written a short free ebook on this type of stuff. One leg squats are nice too. Fingertip pushups
Even handstands , more potential for getting too dirty . Breakfalls in succession are another great short workout.


^ had some good ideas. I would like to add:




Ross Enamait is the master of brief intense workouts with just your body, I'd suggest getting the book if your training time and options are limited right now.