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Bodyweight Workout Routine

Been doing bodyweight stuff for a few months and my routine currently looks like this:

5x5 chin ups
5x5 uneven push ups ( building up to one arm push up)

5x5 self assitted pistol squats
5x5 glute ham raises
10x10 one legged calf raises

Repeat thursday and satuday.

Thing is i feel i could be doing more, i just dont know what. Advice anyone?

Btw i cant add weights becuase i just dont have access to them :frowning:

[quote]wolski91 wrote:
Btw i cant add weights becuase i just dont have access to them :([/quote]

If you don’t mind me asking, what is your age, weight and goal?

No large rocks or old logs in your garden? How about old tires, sand bags or any old bag that you could fill with rocks / sand / dirt? What about a length of plastic pipe - fill it 2/3rds with water and cap the ends for a DIY slosh pipe? An old truck tyre filled with rocks, combined with duck tape and rope can make a basic prowler for pushing / dragging.
What about friends / family - can they help out (or at the least standstill long enough for you to pick them up and put them down a few times)?

Get a couple straps of some sort and make yourself a TRX-type set-up where you do chin-ups (lots of tutorials out there). You will have many more exercises to choose from.

Ross Enamait has a lot of bodyweight exercise ideas and ways to make homemade exercise equipment on his site.

Go to a playground a play on a jungle gym, those guys that get good at that are insane

Have you taken a look at/heard of “Convict Conditioning?” Some good bodyweight progressions in there. Not sure what your goal is but below are some ideas.

Assuming you are strong enough, handstand pushups against a wall are a good exercise (where you are facing away from the wall, easiest way is to do a headstand next to a wall and do pushups from that position).

Also, do parallel bar dips, if you don’t have parallel bars somewhere then improvise (I’ve done them in the corner of an L-shaped kitchen counter before).

Lower body is a bit harder, as when I used to do bodyweight exercises I could not challenge my legs hard enough to make them grow without weight. You could add things like doing 10 broad jumps in a row or other explosive exercises. Hill Sprints are good too (sprint up the hill, walk down, repeat).

By the way, for an easier one-arm pushup, space your legs farther apart and on the way down, bend your torso away from your arm.

If I were you though, I would at the very least find a way to invest in some cheap/used dumbbells. It will be harder to progress in strength/muscle without weights.

Look for some calisthenics workout, maybe ?

I don’t believe in Convict conditioning. The volume is so low…

If you are looking for Bodyweight training check out Zach Even Esh’s Bodyweight Bodybuilding.
Its a free ebook that you get from his official homepage as soon as you sign up for his newsletter (you WONT regret it!)

Another great choice if you want to reach extreme bodyweight strength and favor a minimalistic approach is to get Pavel’s “Naked Warrior”. His stretching and Abdominal Training books are very good as well.

P.S.: Zach also has a lot of cool exercises like lifting, throwing, smashing and carrying “odd object” like stones, sandbags etc.
It’s a great approach to power training and I feel like it could suit you.

If you believe you can afford to spend 40$ on a cast iron 35 pund kettlebell it’s a good investment as well. Those Bells are cheap and they last forever. They also make up a worthy addition to your casual bodyweight training (Snatches and/or Swings can replace the pulling movement from the ground)