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Bodyweight Training Video, Any Feedback Welcome

Hey guys, first time poster here putting up a video of a guy I work with. He isn’t exactly computer savy, and asked would I find a reputable body building / strength and conditioning forum and ask their opinions. He has put a video up of himself on youtube and would love any pointers anyone could give, and also any negative or positive feed back. He is just a complete regular joe and never had a PT session or lifted weights. Some facts about him:

  • played for his country in a sport called Touch football.
  • had 2 knee reconstructions which has left him unable to run and walks with a limp.
  • gained 20kgs and became unhealthy and decided to try diet and join a gym.
  • 2 and 1/2 years later he has dropped 15kgs and is at his current fitness level.
  • his gym régime consists of mostly all upper body weight. Started out with dips and chin ups and now is where he is at in the video.

Ill post the link directly below this link. In the video you will see anything from wide grip 1 finger per hand chin ups, to levers, to muscle ups etc. Please feel free to view and absolutely any feedback is more than welcome. Thank you for your time.

Wow! Just wow! Incredible!

thanks chicken. Ill pass the message on.

That guy must be able to flip the most epic bird.

Very impressive stuff - I don’t have anything to tell a world record holder besides kudos.

Keep up the great effort! Got me thinking about uploading my training back on Youtube again