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Bodyweight Time!


I decided to knock off my gym time in order to work on handling my own body weight first. I didnt see the point of lifting weights when i cant really lift myself first. Plus I can work on my flexibility too.

So, I found this article here:

has some nice exercises im planning on doing.

Does anyone know any other websites/articles that have some great bodyweight exercises?



Good luck


What I can never understand about these bodyweight programs is that they never include pull-ups. Pull-up is the only damn pulling bodyweight exerice there is. If you do just pressing movements you'll end up with huge imbalances.


And they make you strong as hell. The only thing I would add to these articles is the pullup and the dip. They are the squat and deadlift of the upper body.


the one execise for your back, when you pull yourself up from the ground to a bar. thats another pulling one, its great.


Check out Scrapper's site.

Lots of great bodyweight stuff.


cutting weight is tough but i think using the right workout program will help in losing that unwanted weight.

4x6 and 5x5 set/rep routines are perfect for losing weight. i lost about 30 lbs by combining that with a low calorie diet while maintaining my strength.

check out Chad Waterbury articles on this site


What are you talking about? Where did he say he's aiming to lose fat?


lol, he problably had multiple posts open at once. but yeah, bodyweight workouts are killer. the next day i was sore out of my mind :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling: i love it. thanks guys


In doing a bodyweight routine, are the parameters different from a weight-based routine? Specifically, am I supposed to do it everyday, if it's not too taxing of a workout? Every other day?


Its the same thing really, just a different type of workout is being used. It just matters how you are going to implement it.
IE: are you gonna mix it into your current routine? are you gonna focus totally on bodyweight?

its really just up to you and how much yoru body can handle.


If ya need more bodyweight exercises, there's plenty of variations of pushups, pullups, bodyweight squats, etc. For example, the slide pushup (Waterbury had it in one of his articles "six weeks to a bigger chest" or something). It's killer! Are you planning to stick to just bodyweights for a while or will you go back to the gym or what?


Im thinking i may just do both.


Good idea. There's tons of free info and stuff on bodyweight exercises. Just type it into google and stuff should pop up. Gotta love the net eh?