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Bodyweight Squats


I don't have access to a squat rack. I only have a barbell, adjustable dumbells and 120lbs of weight. Would a good idea for leg training be to do one or multiple sets of high bodyweight squats or to do someother exercise with my other equipment?


Goblet squats, lunges, straight leg deadlifts, sprinting.



Dumbbell squats and lunges save the day.


Unless you're a beginner, bodyweight squats aren't going to do shit for size or strength. Bulgarian split-squats, lunges and high-rep front squats are probably your best best.

Eventually though, you're gonna want to have access to a squat rack, or at least more weights.


Elevated Split Squats, and Lunges, but they can only go so far..


front squats, zercher lift, goodmornings, the Bear Complex


High rep body weight squats with one foot elevated as recommended by Louie Simmons are a great exercise and increase hip flexibility, too.