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Bodyweight Squats and pushups

Just curious - whats the most bodyweight squats you have done in one set (250 for me). Ditto pushups (120 for me). On the pushups, Im testing my new way out theory that you should do 1 for each kg of 1RM bench.

I’m just beginning to do pushups to failure everyday in the morning now along with my training. I must say i have seen an improvement on endurance. I can only do 31 right now, but hopefully it will increase by 2 or 3 everyday. If any of you have a faster way of getting my pushups up feel free to mention.

Tell me form and tempo
some people say so your arms go to perpendicular others say so your chest touches the ground
Do you stop counting when your back isnt straight
how fast should the reps be done

Ron (or anyone else), since you’ve been doing pushups everyday, do you find its interfered with your normal workouts, particularlyl chest and triceps? Also, do you do any other bodyweight exercises daily?

1100 bodysquats in a row and 800 Hindu Pushups in one workout. Have not tested regular pushups. I will have to try that soon.

No, if anything it might of helped a little. I get a fair amount of sleep, and food so that might help.