Bodyweight Squat Challenge

Bodyweight squats are great for me and I do them religiously and really appreciate how they helped me fast track my recovery and got me back to weightlifting again. I’m a big fan of split squat too. As any physio knows some variation of split squat like standing with one leg from a chair is essential for rehabilitation.

So, here’s my challenge. How many bodyweight squats to parallel can you do in 1 minute? How many in 5 minutes? And how many in 10 minutes? You may not have the interest, patience or energy to spend half an hour bouncing up and down but at least give the 1 minute challenge a try and post your results and your level of experience / current condition if you can.

If you find it too easy add weight or try harder variations by all means. Don’t let me hold you down. And also please give your field - bodybuilding, strongman / powerlifting, Olympic, recreational lifter, athlete - whatever type of training you do and athletics / sports you train for if any.

Thanks and please give at least the 1 minute challenge a go. Especially the bigger guys. Keep the numbers to yourself if you prefer but keep them in mind.

Did this to help out a study/research project. 94 in a minute.
The grand majority of my gym time is focused around powerlifting.