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Bodyweight Shoulder Exercises


Besides handstand push ups are there any other bw exercises for the shoulders?



Not directly, but standard pushups and pullups obviously work the shoulders to a degree. Other than that, the only way to work them without weights that I can think of is one at a time, using the other arm to provide manual resistance on moves like front raises or something to that effect.


One arm pushups, like the ones from Rocky, do pretty good. Weighted pushups also, or with yout feet up on something will work the delts that much harder.


Reverse pushups.

Lie on your back, reach your hands back and put your palms down above your shoulders. Now push!

Raise your whole body, which means you'll be pushing off with your legs too. Try to force your chest forward and kind of roll your body towards your shoulders. Then come down until your shoulders touch the ground (your butt and lower back should almost make it but not touch) and push off again.


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planches, buddy! they're hard but if you can do them they're great.



when you do push-ups, rotate your wrists so the tips of your fingers are facing each other. This allegedly brings the delts more into play.


try doing a body weight military press. Go against a wall, position ur hands like a pushup, kick your feet back and had then against the wall. You should be upside down. Then press away!


One-armed push-ups definitely work the shoulder very well. Especially if you keep your back flat and parallel to the ground(or whatever you're pushing off).

You can also do variations of push-ups, like dive-bomber push-ups and such. Get in a push-up position, but with your but way up in the air. Point your hands a little more into toward each other than usual. Lower and raise, like usual. Takes the emphasis off your chest and puts it in your shoulders pretty solidly.

The gymnastics ones like the planche work too.


Thanks Again! I appreciate it!