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Bodyweight Routine For The Traveling Man

My workout partner is constantly traveling for business so it’s hard to him to workout constantly at the gym. A while back I saw a bodyweight routine on here and I thought I stickied it but I can’t find it.

Can anyone give me a good hard bodyweight routine that could substitute a day or two at the gym?

Thank you

If you’re looking for a bodyweight routine by one of the authors on this site, then here’s a couple:

Ian King

Christian Thibaudeau

Personally, if I’m only going to be on the road for a week or so, and the routine I’m leaving at home is still working for me, I just do my best to replicate it at the hotel, whether that be with bodyweight exercises or the minimal equipment on the premises.

Ideally, you’d get his book “Never Gymless” and you’ll never need to ask questions on bodyweight training ever again! He answers everything and includes a variety of other things along with a 50-day sample program.

Jump stretch band are your friends when travelling a lot.

Thanks a lot guys, I emailed it to him and he’s very appreciative!

I was on holiday recently and felt my training was excellent despite having very little equipments.

Before i tell you what i did please dont give me a hard time for training on holiday. When i go on holiday i just want to have the best time possible and training plays a big part of that.

I took 2 iron woody bands - you can imagine how versatile these are!

  • OHP
  • push ups
  • Rows
  • Tri extensions
  • curls
    … there really is so many options

Im not sure if this is an option but…

i also took some “rubble sacks” which are just very tough plastic bags. I also took a duffel bag. When i got there i filled several rubble sacks with different amounts of sand. I would then put the filled rubble sacks in the duffel bag and do regular exercises!

I think I’d get one of these if I couldn’t have regular access to weights:


You can do dips and chins with it, that’ll cover most of your upper body.