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Bodyweight Program

In about two months I will be leaving the country for two weeks. Unfortuneately I most likely will not have access to any weights during my time abroad… also my diet will most likely consist of mostly pb&j.

That being said… I want to put together a program that will be worthwhile, as to not lose the progress I am making as a newb. So, obviously bodyweight exercises are going to be the main way to go (and maybe grab anything heavy I have access to), but I would love some suggestions of any programs that you have found to be useful.


Hope it helps!

Check out the body weight complexes CW prescribed in the V-Diet (not that I am advocating the diet itself). Essentially 8 different bodyweight exercises for 10 reps each in back to back format.

thanks… i’ll take these into account

i’ll put up a copy of my planned routine once it is established for critique