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Bodyweight Program Recommendations?

What is a good bodyweight program that
is short (30 minutes)
is 4-5 days
doesn’t require a lot of equipment. (no rings).

I’ve hit intermediate numbers recently only to stop. I’ve actually busted a pleatau but had to go through some life changes(+osgood schlatter disease) so I’m looking into a bw program. As I said I probably did lose some strength so I want something to adjust quickly so that I dont gain fat or lose more muscle than I already have.

Good ideas here…

josh bryants book ‘jailhouse strong’ also full of good routines

Can Kids With Osgood-Schlatter Disease Still Do Sports?

Kids with OSD can usually do their normal activities, including sports, as long as:

The pain is not bad enough to interfere with the activity.
The pain gets better within 1 day with rest.


Haha thanks. It doesn’t go away. :slight_smile:

Looking into it

You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren is what I use when I take a break from the weights. Great programs and you can learn to do some freaky stuff if you commit to doing the movements and programs right.

Your best bet is to ask in another section of the forum. Bodyweight powerlifting isn’t an actual thing.