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Bodyweight Plateau - Need Help

So, I finally accepted to myself I’m on a fu*king [B]plateau[/B], and a [B][/B]BIG[B][/B] one. I’ve been weighting the same since 3-4 years back. I’m a competitive PL though, and my strength increase and increase throughout the months but regardless of that. I’m [B]stuck[/B] on this same body weight since long (158-161 lbs)… no more, no less.

I’ve done everything, I can’t increase my caloric intake anymore. I’ve ate a tons of calories for extended periods of time, 3k, 3.5k, 4k, 4.5k and I even ate 5k for maybe 2 weeks… My weight and bf remains the same. Perhaps I get 1% up in bf. I’m currently 10% though. With time, I’ve done supersets, drop sets, tri-sets, giant sets, high reps, low reps and bla bla bla… I don’t know if I’m on my genetic potential limit, I don’t really know. But I just don’t grow anymore. I’ve done a tons of stuff in the gym.

I don’t know if I might “shock” my body with any other given method out there. I once talked to Greg Plitt (RIP) in an expo. He told me he once tried training every muscle group daily for a week, then he’ll take it easy for 2 weeks and repeat. He said that worked pretty well.

I don’t know what else to do, this is so f*cking frustrating.

If any of you wonder:
SQ – 405 lbs (below 90º)
BP – 285 lbs
DL – 540 lbs


If you are a competitive powerlifter, you could not dream a better situation than being able to get stronger with no weight gain.

I know. Thing is I want to get up a weight class… I need to pack between 12 and 20 lbs at most. And that ain’t happening. At least I think I’ve done everything. Any good advice will make wonders right now.

Please post your 5000 calorie menu with exact measurements. Then we can go from there. And if your foremost aim is to gain size, why not go on a training plan solely dedicated to gaining muscle and then go back to specializing in strength gains.

Dude, never go up a weight class unless it’s to actually win a meet, set a record or if it becomes too hard to make weight in your current class. Lifters in lighter classes usually lift less so the lighter you are while getting stronger, the more competitive you are.

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I so much wanna be you

The 5,000 calorie intake was when I was also training MMA. Right now I’m resting from it.

I did this when just working out and nothing really happened, I did this for a month. Not really signs of weight gain:

As you’re saying, perhaps I need to stop PL at all while doing a bodybuilding program. Anyways, here’s my current program which I feel really good with:

Monday - BP + 3 more exercises for chest + 2ex for tris, abs
Tuesday - Back (4ex.) + calves (which they suck)
Wednesday - SQ + 3 more ex. for legs
Thursday - REST
Friday - 2 ex. for tris and 2 for bis
Saturday - Deadlift, calves and abs
Sunday – REST

I aim for 3-4 sets per exercise. I also include supersets on every workout. I just pair 2 exercises and superset them for 2 rounds. (I just went up to 3 rounds).

And currently I’m on a 3,500 cal diet. Pretty much the same caloric percentages. I see people who weight 165-170 lbs and if they want to increase their weight, they eat the same amount as I do. 3,500 cal. Some of them 3,300. I’ve seen it.

Is just a personal desire. I want to get bigger and get into the 83kg weight class. I’m going to the IPF worlds next year though, I want to weight 77-78kg and then decide whether I go to the 84kg weight class or the 74kg. In any class I’m sure I can gor for the first 3 places.

Follow this to the letter and see how it works out for you

I still wouldn’t do it. If you function well in 10% BF, are getting stronger and especially as you are competing in the IPF which is competitive as fvck, it’s pure suicide to go up a weight class unless absolutely necessary.

Also if you are still getting stronger, muscle growth will eventually follow when your body can no longer utilize pure neural adaptation. This is honest to Odin the most optimal situation a powerlifter can ever be in.