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Bodyweight Overhead Press and Bench


I just recently did a bodyweight ohp @ 160 the other day, as a result my bench went up 10lbs what rele helped was cable overhead extensions but not like how most people do em, but how u do them with a heavy dumbbell. The next thing that really helped was alternating dumbbell overhead press standing and pausing @ the bottom.

Push press helped too and heavy pullups, I usually warm up w/ 70lbs attached to my body and work up to a set of 105lbs for a set of 3.... As a result of this work, I'm now using 120lb dbs easy for 5 reps and like I said my bench went up 10lbs because of the strong shoulders and tri and lats


Cool story, bro.


I've done more than BW overhead press(strict). Did 265 at 250 or so. What really helped was doing lots of shoulder pressing.


haha yeah that too..alot of shoulder pressing


cool report. My OH press with bodyweight has been a goal for me in recent weeks. Nowhere near there but working slow and steady. All i got is time, right?


Tell it again



Congratulations on your achievement op, but in all honesty, you don't really need to be talking about complicated assistance training for a 160lb press. I know guys that have strict pressed close to 370lbs weighing 230lbs, who do nothing but strict press and log.