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Bodyweight Movements


I thought about taking a week off from the heavy poundage and going High rep with the body weight moves. Any thoughts as to what a draw back might be for this short of time?


A week off? That is just like taking a deload. Not a big deal.


I kinda figured it would work the same as one, but wanted extra input


It will work very well as a deload. Layne Staley recently wrote a bit about contrast training:


Basically, it will give your joints a break and flush plenty of blood through your tissues. Just don't try to go crazy with the volume.


More than likely you'll give your body some additional time to adapt to the stress of your existing training. You may or may not be stronger when you come back (your muscular adaptations may actually be in line with with your training), but your connective tissue and nerves will probably benefit.

I would start a bit lighter when you come back though, and just work back up over a week or two.

And as said above, just keeping moving will flush blood through the tissues and quicken the adaptation processes.



Be aware of your proficiency with BW movements though, they can also be taxing if you aren't used to them. Remember to keep the goal as the goal, this is contrast/active recovery training, you aren't going to turn into a gymnast in 1 week.


This. I have done it before with success numerous times.


I'm not usually an advocate of calisthenics, but I thought about even using them as a superset or giant set finisher.


I might try that during my deloads in the future, i know people use bodyweight exercises to get use to weight gain.


Yeah try it, as a short term change should do you only good.