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Bodyweight Goals?


Currently I am 294 at 6'5". As it says in my profile I am preparing for strongman competitions. I want to get my bodyweight up to somewhere between 345 and 365 while being 18% body fat or less. Anybody have any goals?


Ya I'm 5'8 at 139 lbs. My short term goal by August when I go to school is to hit 145. My longer term goal is to hit 200 within 2 years or so. It seems unreasonable I know, but then again I'm only 18. Hopefully most of the weight will come from a different type of freshman 15.


Long Term- I am going to be 300lbs at 10- 15% bf, no doubt when i achieve that i will want to be bigger though...


You will gain the weight just eat a lot of calorie dense foods, but healthy ones. Squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, and high pulls for mass and strength.


im 6'1 165.. i'd actually like to get back to 155 lb. completely ripped.. would take alot of stress off my joints with all of the plyos/jumps i do, and it would definitely have me jumping higher just because of the fat loss.




i'm actually 6'0" at 259 (overweight), my goal is to cut down to 198lbs, ang gain as much strength as i can


5'6 80kg right now

looking to drop to just under 77kg to make weight.


You wil be very very skinny at that weight.


I'm 5'11" at 202lbs (~15% bodyfat), and I'd like to be a lean (10% bodyfat or less) 225lbs by next summer.

EDIT: I WILL be a lean 225lbs by next summer. :slightly_smiling:




I'm currently 6', 227 at ~14-15%BF.
My goal is to be 235, while at the same time increasing my PFT score.


about 6'0 and 178 right now. Hoping to get up to around 185 at 8% body fat in the next couple months. Longer term, around 195 or so.


Current 5'8" 212 lbs approx 13-15%

Goal 220 lbs @ 10%


5'8" 202lbs 14%BF

I'm working on refining the size I have right now through conditioning. I will re-test my BF next week, but I seem to have trimmed up a bit.

I'd like to get to 220 with bodyfat at 10% or lower.


I'm like 5'9-10, 83kg and maybe 15% BF. I'd like to get to 90kg and <12% BF long term.

That and get strong as hell.


Ideal bodyweight would be < Squat/2.5


^ best goal yet.


not to tear down anyones personal goals, but if you think your joints are stressed because you are 165, i think that you are mistaken. plenty of big men, especially powerlifters, olympic lifters, throwers, do all sorts of jumps and explosive exercised and they often weigh twice as much as you. you would probably be better off to put some muscle around those joints. and improving a vertical by losing 10 lbs is a ridiculous thought. you should improve a vertical by improving explosive performance, or you really havent improved anything at all. and if you are 6'1 and 165 and are not already shredded, you prob would be better off to put on some muscle because youll look like a bean pole, if you dont already.


ya plenty of powerlifters do depth jumps from 30"+ boxes for moderate to high volume, or do 40 dunk attempts 3 days per week.. or run tons of sprints throughout the week.. and stuff like that.

plenty of oly lifters do that also.

so do plenty of strongman.

i knew some people would reply to my comment and act all manly, but i do not care about yours, or anybody's opinion on this issue.. i was simply replying to the OP. :wink:

no offense, but your avitar doesn't necessarily make me want to put on any weight.



oh and about myself, now that i have ranted. i currently am 245 and 15.27 % bodyfat. i would like to be able to maintain this weight, or maybe 250, while decreasing my bodyfat to somewhere between 10 and 12 percent. however, i would much rather be strong than pretty. so if i have to put on weight to keep improving my bench and olympic squats, cleans, and snatchs i would gladly do it. however, im at a point where im steadily increasing lift while not gaining weight so hopefully i am golden for awhile