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Bodyweight Finishers and Conditioning

after going on a bulk for powerlifting about 4ish months, i injured myself and had to take a month off to recover. currently im on my 3rd week back using a 531 3 day a week total body template while adding a finisher to the end of my workout, while doing sprints 1 or 2 days in btween. knowing that im introducing more stressors, ive reduced my TM by 10%. my goals are to get back in shape, up my endurance and work capacity while still (hopefully) maintaining and progressing reasonably in strength. would it be too much to add a bodyweight HIIT (pullups/pushups/squats) as opposed to a sprint on one of the days intween my lifting ones?

Instead of doing finishers, I would continue doing 5/3/1 as written and just add conditioning. But to answer your question - “would it be too much to add a body-weight HIIT (pullups/pushups/squats) as opposed to a sprint on one of the days intween my lifting ones?” - I would keep the sprint in and do calisthenics but if it hinders your barbell lifts, take out the calisthenics.

I’m not sure what you mean by finishers, but it sounds like you mean something like pyramid sets/drop sets? If so, I believe it’s fine for face pulls, tricep pushdowns, or the like because they are just done at a light weight for a total number of reps anyway.

Supposing that you are doing what I mention above, and not a drop sets with deadlifts/squats, I think what you are looking for is a barbell complex. There is an article floating around TNation that has a few examples that I have used. As with everything 5/3/1, start light. Trust me, they suck.

Hope your recovery is going well. Good luck getting back into it.

Your example above can be done but if you want to do in a smart way, OTHER areas of training have to be accounted for. Just throwing this in without care to other aspects is not recommended.

As always, training is like a recipe; you can’t just add things in without adjusting other areas.

totally agree. which is why i dropped my TM and have nixed any “extra” assistance work other than the main lifts of the day.
example being:
Squat (3 sets w deload %), Deadlift (531), DBell Press (8-20), finisher. sprints on one or 2 of the offdays.