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Bodyweight Exercises

Has anyone heard of Matt Furey? He has a book called combat conditioning and he claims that body weight exercises are far superior to weight training. I would like your opinions on him. Thanks.

Up top there’s a search button. Select Search Site, select Posts, and type in Matt Furey. There’s been plenty discussion.

And from personal experience, bodyweight calisthenics rule but you can’t call them superior to weight training. Superior for what?

Bodyweight stuff is great. But Furey is a con man and theres nothing you can find from him thats not already out there. Save your money

I got the book free off the net, good pics, his adivce mostly bull shit, his relationship to carl gotch bunk. Callestenics are good for base building, endurance, and flexibility. Frankly its barely worth the time it take to read through it, becuase you have to spend so much time seperating the cream from the crap. There is nothing in the book you can’t find else where.

Matt Furey is a mean mutha would could kick my ass. But I have a better physique, from most pictures I have seen of him. From that I conclude his methods will not give me, anyway, the physique of my dreams.