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Bodyweight Exercises On Off Days?

Currently I do bodyweight circuits after lifting but I have also read that doing bodyweight exercises on off days is a good idea.  I would think that this wouldn't give the muscles enough time to recover but there's probably some benefits that I don't know about.  if anyone has any thoughts on this, please let me know.


Active recovery is a good thing, I think bodyweight exercises are overdoing it though.

Do something simple just to get the bloodflow to the muscles.


My idea of active recovery is going for a walk and doing some stretching!

Bodyweight exercises are exactly the same as lifting weights, it's just a different way of overloading your muscles. So hitting the same muscle groups two days in a row will definitely hinder your recovery unless you're strong enough to do 20+ easy reps on the bodyweight exercises you're selecting.


there's always something you can do everday. i don't do 'off' days unless i'm lazy.