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Bodyweight Exercises for Kids?


Looking to improve power/speed/accceleration in kids, maily 12-18 months. Actually 8 years of age who play football. They dont do squat and the need help. I am thinking of lunges, overhead squats with a towel or stick, pushups, burpess, but I need something else. What would you r suggestion be? I am thinking of giving them dianabol, will that have long tem effects?


D-bol is definitely too strong for a first cycle. I'd go with straight test. Just make sure to cycle off every 12 weeks or so.

As for the weightlifting, a kid that age heals faster than you ever will again in your life. Therefore, heavy lifting is the order of the day. Go heavy or go the fuck home. Deadlifts, squats (with plenty of milk) and benching until they build pecs the could actually injure.

Wind sprints until they puke.

Rinse, repeat at least 6 days a week. Even God was said to have rested the 7th day.


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I teach kindergarten and sometimes have the kids do squats (I call them "Chair-No Chairs" for the kids) but only 5 at a time, and maybe only 15 to 20 in the whole day.

We tried push ups but they just can't....and I don't push it, I only expect them to do only one.

Kids that young just can't do a lot of course...like running. You simply can't ask a 6 year-old to run for 5 minutes straight or more.Kids naturally like to sprint and stop.


What about direct arm work? Squats and few push ups there and there will not cut it.


They have rather heavy kids' pencils.


They have a very dark future awaiting for them.

I hope they at least deadlift a broom.


If the floor needs cleaning, yeah.



Can they make shoes or clothes? I mean...as a training process.


Sure! All kids here have to work at a Nike factory for at least 5 days out of each month.


Ah, I was expecting them to work in RAM or Motherboard factories...


Same difference really. He still pushed his ideas out to the world even if some of the tools in his shed can move freely and talk.

I realize this thread is just trolling most likely but at that age, I remember "Field Day" in elementary school. Field week really.

One mile run for time, rope climb to the gym cieling, chin holds for a minute to score, peg boards (for real), 100 crunches, I think it was 50 push ups also for time, I remember testing for jump verticals and long jump too, so training them would have made sense. Sprints...

Kinda sad these days my fifth grade self would kick my ass in the mile and peg board. And sprints.

Weight training for us started fairly young too, seventh grade for athletics kids. We were pulled from general PE for weight training and track work. Nobody seemed to stunt their growth, turn in to ugly trolls et cetera. In fact breezing in to puberty with a lifting protocol already in place was pretty sweet.

We did have an aggressive athletics program though, especially football. Even got in trouble for recruiting.

Attention whoring personal story aside, pushing an eight year old physically is not a horrible idea as long as he's having fun.

Of course the drugs are ridiculous.


I agree HG. My school used to have a 30 mins step aerobics class as gym....gymnastics with real beams and rings..punching bags

Our pe was actual pe...not kickball.

We sprinted did wall sits..all the bw stuff

I kinda hate the. Idea of not pushing a lid into hard physical activity bc its allegedly bad for them...fuck that our bodies were designed to be beaten

Thinl of what an 8 year old jungle kid can do...or has to do or he won't eat

Even at the gym I train at now the owners 3 and 4 year olds are there pushing the prowler and. Using the machines

Saying kids shouldn't train hard is like saying women shouldn't train hard....

Our dna wants us to be brutal....not behind a desk worrying about strains and not being developed enough