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Bodyweight Exercises Everyday?



I mostly use machines at the gym and I do bodyweight squats. Is there a benefit in doing bodyweight exercises every day or would I only be making the muscle tired and not building the muscles? I am heavy so it is like I am lifting weight right?

Since I want to lose fat, would doing something like lunges and bodyweight work, the squats and attempts at push-ups, would that work to lose fat and build some muscle?

Currently I have no curve to my butt, I want to make it smaller but rounder which is why I am wondering about daily bodyweight squats.

I am a very beginner so not a lot of muscle built up already.


Bodyweight stuff= good
Freeweight stuff= good

Machine stuff= not so good


You are an overweight female beginner.... bodyweight squats should work great. Take a pretty wide stance (wider than shoulder width)....and make sure you go down to parallel or a bit past. Maybe squat onto a stool or box that stands 2-4 inches below your knees. Just touch and go on the box so that you gain a consistent squat depth that utilizes a full range of motion.

As for doing them everyday. If you do lousy squats you can do them every day. If you do good ones...you will probably be too sore.

If they are too easy you will need to start doing them with the bar (45 lbs) or with dumbbells.


I dunno about being sore, I got ATG and unless I do set/rep scheme I'm not used to I don't get very sore.


She is in a different place than you....my young strong male friend. I doubt she can go ATG....but solid parallel squats would be great for her. Given her current fitness level, if she does 3x20xbodyweight she will be quite sore.


Haha, excellent point. But still, after the first couple of days/weeks depending, wouldn't her body adapt to it?



It depends what program you are doing. Something CNS intensive (ie low rep larger weight) 3x split then I would say no. If you are doing maybe a 3x hypertrophy split then maybe.

If you want to do stuff more times per week then look into a 4-day split (eg WS4SB III) and then mix in some light mobility stuff and 1-2 cardio sessions. Whilst making sure you take at one full day off.

I would honestly suggest you look on figure athlete and take advice from them as well about how to lose weight specifically for you.


Why? Does your gym have barbells and dumbbells? In general, doing more free weights exercises (barbells and dumbbells) are going to be more productive for your workouts.

By doing them everyday, you'll get better at doing them and you'll be able to do more and more. That's about it.

Yes and no. Once you can do more than about 12 reps per set, you're not really building muscle or strength.

Start on this program:

It'll get you on a better path, all-around.


Chris' advice is very good....and that looks like a great program he recommended.

Only bone I would pick....for me....I think that if you are working legs then 15-20 reps per set yields good results so long as you are pushing yourself.

And just to concur with everyone else......machines are not the way to push yourself.

Good luck with your journey.


Follow Chris' advice.


Why should I have to go to the women's site for advice when over and over on here it is stated "women should train the same as men?"

This is where I want to be. Training the same as a man, learning just like a beginner man.

Thank you for your advice though, I will look at the programs you suggested and see what I can learn from them. I do appreciate the input.


I am very new to going to the gym. I have been going about a month now in the weights area. Machines are what I am most comfortable using. I did look at the program you suggested. I can use those dumbbells. I don't know how to lower a bench but I can figure it out.

Will the day when I just do 4 arm exercises really be enough for my workout? I only go 3 times a week now.

So bodyweight will not build my muscle, just help me to improve my form. I will ask a trainer to watch me to see if I am doing it right. I think I am worried about doing enough and doing it right all the time.

I do hold dumbbells when I do my lunges. Those one legged squats in the program look very hard. We don't have a donkey machine at my gym. Can I use any calf machine?



If you have any questions on how to use equipment, just ask people they will help you.

As for BW stuff... since ur starting they will defenitely add muscle, plus give u better joint movement, and make all the little muscles that can't be seen in a mirror fire. Those last 2 u just can't get out of machines. Hell, even for someone who has been training for a while BW stuff are a must do.


I didn't do weights tonight but I did ask someone to show me how to adjust the bench.

Would you start a new person doing squats in the squat rack and it's bench pressing in the smith machine?


well... if that person is like me, someone who can squat ATG, but was extremely weak (all I could do was Bench & curl)...

I would have them with a PVC PIPE doing squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, etc. Like I was in Dec 06 (with the addition of snatches, cleans, etc) with repetitions anywhere from 5-15. As weeks went by I moved up to the bar, and then added some weight to the bar.
--naturally deadlifts and back squats were the 1st to "move up".

As for benching, if the 45lb barbell is heavy, then use 10lbs dumbells.
--I would say do girl-pushups, but for someone who is very weak those can be hard (since pushups are much more than just pecs and triceps) at 1st.



This is true in terms of exercise choice for the core big rock exercises however physiologically women are slightly different to men. For example I was informed at FA that I should make sure that the female I was training employ a wider stance for a squat and that she should do sumo deadlifts every so often and do some glute accessory. This is due to the slightly larger angle a women's pelvis makes with their knees. I would never have found this out on T-Nation. Women also have slightly different nutritional requirements to men as they have less metabolic tissue, found this out after having a minor ruckas with a nutritionist over there.

It is also good to get a nice spread of approaches and just to know what's out there. There is no harm. I hope you enjoy your new awesome lifestyle.


Just to be clear, the full routine I'm suggesting isn't just dumbbells, it starts with four weeks of this:

Workout 1
Leg extension 4x10-12
Deep squat 4x10-12
Standing leg curl 4x15 (Any leg curl is fine.)
Donkey calf raise 3x12 (Any calf raise is fine.)

Workout 2
Bent row 4x10-12
Lat pulldown 4x12-15
Barbell preacher curl 4x10-12
Incline dumbbell curl 4x12-15

Workout 3
Push-up 3x12-15 (Put your hands up on a bench to make these easier.)
Decline dumbbell bench press 3x10-12
Incline barbell bench press 3x8-10
Military press 3x10-12
Bent dumbbell lateral raise 3x12-15
Decline skull crusher 3x12-15 (A flat bench, instead of decline, is fine.)
Pressdown 3x10-12 (Use a bar or rope.)

You don't have an "arm day" until eight weeks from now. But yes, doing 8 sets each for four arm exercises will be plenty. If you can absolutely only train three days a week, we can figure out a different plan when the time comes.

Good idea, having a trainer check your form. Just take your time and focus on it when you're training solo.

They are hard, but you won't be doing them until next month. In the meantime, you'll be getting stronger.

Yep, any will do.

On a side note, are you doing any particular cardio? What's your nutrition like? Those are two other key factors in fat loss.


Sorry I am a worry now person. Those one legged squats scared me a bit. I have bad balance which I didn't even know until the orientation at my gym. They have you stand on one foot and then lean forward and touch the carpet and come back up, you are supposed to do that 10 times and I am ashamed to say I could not do it 10 times without putting my other foot down.

I think I am good with my nutrition. Bill Roberts helped me calculate my calories which is a high of 1900.

This is what I have been eating

2 scrambled eggs
1/2 sweet potato


can of tuna
bunch of salad
sugar free pudding

usually chicken
salad (I love green peas)
3 rings of pineapple

pre bed snack
1/2cup cottage cheese

I did a spin class last night, which was fun, and I walk on the treadmill.

This is my lunch, but during lunch I have been trying to take a walk around the parking lot or our building. I do this to get out of the recycled air, and I the vitamin D thing that I heard about in the news.

Thank you for explaining the program.

I am sure I sound like a weak and whiny woman, but it is just that I am new. I will make it a goal to get more comfortable in the free weight area, but in my gym I never see women there, so it will be hard. I will try harder. You probably don't know the whole mental side of being a woman, worse, a fat woman, and going in to that territory, but I will try.

I liked that the program had pictures so I could see what I should be doing.

I will try this tomorrow after work.

I do cardio after my weights. I usually do about 30-minutes on a treadmill at the highest incline and I try for 3.5. On days when I do a lot of the leg things I cannot go quite that fast. So I am doing cardio at the gym 3x a week. I also try to get to the park and walk on my days off.

To me this isn't just another Beginner thread. I am a single woman over 40 and I need to do something before I spend the rest of my life alone and unhappy. I am taking this seriously so every post from you people really means a lot to me.


I am so sorry. I was unaware of the differences. Thank you for explaining. I will try the wider stance and I will check the other site.

Thank you again.




Your off to a great start. And your getting some great advice here. I would also recommend you search threads by Jillybop. I recently ran across a thread she started when she began training and went through a tremendous transformation. I'm presently building my own training program and I read her thread and found it very motivational, and I'm a guy. There are also some other threads in the transformation link that have a lot of useful information.