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Bodyweight exercise loading


I have a pretty good question that i dont think has ever been addressed. Last week i did a set of 4 pullups with 40lbs and i weighed 225. Today i did 40lbs. for 4 again but i weighed 232. I couldnt increase my weight on the pullups and i think its because i was 7 pounds heavier. So did i get stronger cause i technically lifted 7 more pounds? And i guess this would apply to all bodyweight exercises.


I think you know the answer. You lifted more weight. Hope the progress remains as good for you for a few months or so, you should be able to hang glide at that point. In 8 weeks, 280+ pounds, wow


I had practice the day before and im sure i was a little depleted. that accounts for the low weight.


Yeah, you lifted more weight. You're Goldberg the flying squirrel!