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Bodyweight, Dumbbell, TRX Training Suggestions?


Hello members of the forum and Mr. Thibaudeau, I am a rookie, been training for 8 months, have made some progress on size and mainly strength (which was my main goal), no injuries so far and always looking for ways to improve.
So the main thing here is, i go to my University’s Gym, it has all the standard Olympic gear and a few machines nothing fancy but it gets the job done, the semester is ending, which means i won’t be able to go there for two months, so i was wondering if getting a TRX system would work for some body weight training, and to complement a pair of dumbbells, EZ curl bar and a long standard bar all with standard plates, a few power bands for mobility and rope to jump, is this a good idea? I would like to use this as a definition phase I´m at 15% BF, when i started i was at 26% i think. I’m open to suggestions and recommendations and if this is a good idea please let me know some kind of training program for this kind of equipment, i just know the main compounds and standard isolation exercises, thank you for your attention.


Get gymanstic rings instead of TRX

you will easily exceed your goal :slight_smile:

how good are you at bw moves? I can give you program I used for few months when only had similar equipment…


I do okay, can do 20 consecutive push ups and 10 pull ups till i need some rest,id like to see the program if thats okay!


How much weight are we talking about and does that include a bench press and stands to be able to squat?


Could you put this workout in this thread?


6 days a week push/pull/legs

Go from most demanding compound down to isolation work

I would usually start each workout with static holds and lever work (might be too difficult for you at the moment)

Push days I did 5x5 or 3x10 on 2 big compound movements. Then 2-3 assistance work done near to failure (8-15 reps usually), focusing on tension & pump.

Example (after static work & warmup):

Ring dips
Ring flyes
Handstand pushups
Ring tricep extension

Ring chins
Ring rows/inverted rows
Ring face pull variations
Ring bicep curls

Various bounds & jumps
Weighted bulgarian squat
Pistol squat

You can scale each of those to fit your skill/intensity level (doing weighted as needed). After some practice and body awareness you will find the sweet spot, and these workouts are tremendous fun + sculpt your body quite well…

Good back/bicep work, he has some good content as well


Just google how to make trx or rings at home. You can make them for less than $12 at Home Depot or Lowes. Its a good piece just to have because you can take them anywhere.


yes the compounds will be with more than 100 pounds, its to make a change, i’ve lifting heavy (as i can) since i started, so i want to do something else for this 2 month break.


oh fantastic, you will get epic gains then with weighted calisthenics work (100 lbs is plenty), bread & butter being weighted dips, pushups, chins, and row variations

I’m basically doing the above now (and using leg press, bulgarian squat for legs) since snapping my t-spine from sghp

let me know how it goes !


Thanks man! i will start on december, getting ready, honestly cant wait.


Thanks for being helpful Sigil. I know I’m sometimes hard on you but I appreciate your participation to this thread.

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I would also add to this list front lever and handstand praktice.
For lower body try some isometric deadlifts.

I also traing in push/pull style somthing similar to best workout for natural lifters but only with bodyweight.