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Bodyweight Dip Equivalent?


Bent over rows are the pullling equivalent of push ups. Is there a bodyweight equivalents of dips ? (other than rows)



just do your lifts buddy




  1. Bent over rows are NOT the equivalent of push-ups.
  2. Dips are a BW exercise, unless you're talking about machine dips - in which case do them on parallel bars.


Confusing question is confusing!!!!!

Inverted rows, perhaps?


It's like tetris?

Inverted rows are the pulling equilavent of push ups... dips are the pushing equilavent of bent over rows?


I think what the OP means to say is that push ups are a horizontal push, bent rows are a horizontal pull.

So, if dips are a vertical push then chin ups are a BW vertical pull.


To put it your way, slightly bent over rows are close to the "equivalent" of dips. Inverted rows aka fatman pullups are the "equivalent" of pushups.

Basing your program on shit like that is pretty stupid though. Work all your muscles with exercises that allow you to get a lot stronger. Simple as that.



Silly question. They aren't "opposited". They just work different muscles. Work all your muscles, more or less equally.