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Bodyweight/Band Routine for Girlfriend

Cliffsnotes: Girlfriend trying to get in shape, designing simple bodyweight/band routine to get her more active.

My girlfriend is trying to get herself in better shape. She’s 5’6", ~175, and I’m absolutely shitty about guessing female BF%, but I’d put her towards the outside of the “curvy” range. Diet-wise she’s going back to the Weight Watchers Points system, which she previously used to lose 20 lbs and I’m going to slowly tighten the food-Nazi belt to get her to better choices.

What I could really use is some advice for a basic bodyweight/band routine that she can do to increase her activity level 3-4 times per week. Additionally, I’m going to start taking her out biking once or twice a week as the weather gets better. My idea was to do a very simple routine with one horizontal push/pull, one vertical push/pull, one quad-dominant exercise, and one posterior-dominant exercise.

The exercises I’ve picked so far:

Horizontal Push - Push-up
Vertical Push - Chair Dip

Horizontal Pull - Band Rows (standing)
Vertical Pull - Band Pulldown

Quad-Dominant - BW/Band Squat or Split Squat (depends on strength/balance)
Posterior Chain - Hip Thruster

Basic Idea: Horizontal/Posterior Day, Vertical/Quad Day, Cardio Day split.

Set/rep schemes will depend on what her relative BW rep maxes are for each exercise but I’ve already explained to her that she won’t really gain hyooge muscles without dubiously legal supplementation or testosterone and she believes me.

Is there something that would work better for someone completely new? I figure these are all things she either already knows or can learn very quickly and require, at most, $30 worth of exercise bands.