Bodyweight Alternatives?

I need some ideas for bodyweight exercises to do while on holiday in Scotland, we go camping so no door frames or hotel gyms.

I will do the obvious ones like pushups and air bike and plank for abs, and we will be mountain biking or hill walking every day so might not have to bother with legs.

I have started doing the ‘Thinner Leaner Stronger’ 5 day split and I don’t want to lose momentum.

My 9 year old son weighs 60lbs and thinks it is great fun to be used as a ‘weight’

Honestly, had no idea what this was until I looked it up on line.

How long will you be on vacation?

I’ll never understand these “how do I train on holiday” threads

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We are going for a week, I know this is not that long, but we do 6-8 weeks a year camping plus weekends which adds up, all the other adults are training for marathon running (I hate running) and typically run 10k early each morning, someone has to stay with the kids anyway so we can’t all run ( even I wanted to) so I wanted something else to do while I was on my own with the kids.

I think you need to think out the box. You can do push ups like you mention making them harder by elevating them. Pull ups from a tree branch …since you mention not doing lower body stuff. You could also thing of getting a set of resistance bands for your trips down the road.

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If you are taking your son and on vacation the absolute best option is to go do some activities with him.

Be it tennis, hiking, swimming this is a great opportunity to have some friendly competition where you absolutely destroy him in a variety of physical endeavors and make it very clear to him who is ontop of the family tree.

… Hmmm I should probably stop the Game of Thrones marathons.

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I think we have some resistance bands from when my husband dislocated his shoulder, I will be able to make use of them.

My family makes nature challenges. Usually like a “fitness camp” style.

Run 1/4 mile around campsite
25 push-ups
25 pull-ups from tree
50 band rows

Repeat. The numbers change. The kids love it. Other campers think we’re psychotic fitness parents, but the kids are the ones begging to do it.

Thats a good start…

son overhead presses, son rows, son weighted pushups… the possibilities are endless lol

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Not familiar with thinner leaner stronger, but if you need more resistance, why not try single arm pushups or pullups?

If you can’t do either, than you should spend that time practicing.

No idea who this is, but seems relevant enough:

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loads of these…

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Ya, Defranco has some good stuff.

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Back from camping now, we go again, this time to the South Downs at the end of August, I downloaded a book of callisthenics and did that while the cardio bunnies were running.

Why they found the need to run 15k before breakfast when were walking 10 miles up a 3000 foot mountain then doing an hour on mountain bikes at the trail centre in the evening, I do not know, each to their own I suppose.

The kids flatly refused to join in and stayed in bed.

On a side note, I found things like lifting my (30lb) mountain bike over gates and lugging the 40 litre water barrel massively easier since starting strength training :smile: