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Bodytype & Rate of Calories Burned

Just need some clarification on this.

If person 1 had a fast metabolism and person 2 had a slow metabolism then wouldn’t person 1 burn more calories doing the same task (same intensity, same duration, etc) as person 2?

If the conditions are the same and they’re doing the same task,they burn the same calories.

Metabolism is overrated. It might help you burn a bit more, but do not rely on it!

yes however most people with high metabolism are usually in shape and lug around less weight than someone who has a slow metabolism and is overweight. The overweight person would have to expend more calories because they’re carrying more weight around and most likely their muscles aren’t as efficient as the fit person’s.

Hmm…I can’t seem to find any solid research on this topic. Appreciate the answers though.

no, but the second commenter is correct in stating that person 2 would probably be out of shape, and therefor would lose more weight. sucks, but as you lose weight the harder it gets to lose more. that’s why you gotta get beastly to replace the fat you lose.

more likely person two is lazy and blames it on a slow metabolism. in all likely hood he didn’t do the task at all and therefore burned no calories.

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