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Bodytemp Issues


I've been on TRT for 4 years with varied results. Over the last 6 months, thanks to all of the great info from ksman and others, I've been able maintain a normal free test level (using 100mg T inj/week, and HCG 250iu eod) and get my E2 down to 24 (using Anas .25mg eod). I feel great overall, but still have once curious 'symptom' that I've experienced for years-always feeling extremely warm, even though my bodytemp was normal.

I'll find myself sweating even when not exerting. I certainly don't have a 'fast' metabolism as one would expect with hyperthyroidism. I've had all of the thyroid panels done several times with no abnormal results, and if anything I tend to have a low temp upon waking, usually 97-98 degrees. I've been trying to research any role that iodine deficiency could play as well as high prolactin levels. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Ideal waking temp is reported to be 97.8 [there have been some posts that get quite deep into body temp issues, tracking temps during the day as well].

Do you have low body fat? How changed?

Please post thyroid lab numbers and ranges. Nornal/abnormal is quite meaningless.


KSman, thanks for the comments. I'm scheduled to have my TRT bloodwork done later this month, so I'll make sure I get the thyroid tests redone as well. My bodyfat has been at 13-15% for atleast the last year and my bodyweights been consistently around 270.
I'll post the new lab values as soon as I have them.


possible aldosterone issue.

check out these sites for info on adrenals and how to test for an aldosterone/salt/electrolyte imbalance.


That is a good problem to have. It just means your body is producing a lot of energy granted you don't have any immune system issues.