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bodysolutions pm for a friend


Ok I have a lady friend who really wants to try the pm formula from bodysolutions. She asked me to check it out and after searching the forum here I told her worst/best thing is lightening your pocket book but she wants to try it. Thing is she has health problems that prevent her from serious exercise right now until she has some surgeries. She is no couch potato and eats healthy and the only reason she gained 20lbs is because she is on predazone (sp?) for one of her conditions. So does this stuff have any positive affect and in what manner? she knows - from me - to stay away from ephedra based products right now as she is anemic due to medications. Any info would be appreciated.

thanks, Mark


Well it turns out there are a few of these collagen based products out there. Is there any truth to this stuff? I know it wouldnt compare to an eca stack but would it be helpful for someone who cant use a stimulant?