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Bodysolid vs Powerline Power Racks


I have a connection at a local wholesale fitness dealer who sells body solid equipment and I can get a discount on their equipment. Unfortunately, they do not have either on display so I am asking those of you with experience with the PPR200X Powerline and the GPR378 Bodysolid rack for buying advice.

The GPR378 is about $200 more than the PPR200X and I understand it is more sturdy (thicker steel). Are there other features that make the GPR378 worth the extra money (hole spacing, ease of spotter bar/j-hook movement, etc..)?

FYI I have been lifting seriously for about six months and am squatting in the low 300s and benching in the mid 200s at 225# body weight. I want to stay at the same weight and really push myself so this rack should see squats in the 400-500# range and possibly more.

Thanks for your help!


I but and sell alot of gym equipment, understand that neither are commercial quality. I would go with the GPR because its just made better.


I have been training for over 5 years on a TDS/NewYorkBarbells power rack that is very similar to the powerline one. It has handled multiple 500+lb squats with no issues, to include suspending the weights via chains and tow straps. It is small and sways, but still keeps up with me.


Thats pretty damn tough for home line equipment!


I understand they are not commercial quality, I need one that is shorter than 8' to fit in my basement though anyway and don't want to spend more than $600.

Thats what I figured would be the case. As I get stronger I figured the cheaper one would rock and sway more but not break.

So the question is really are you getting anything extra for the $200 besides sturdiness?


Get the rogue S-2 squat/press stand and cut to desired height with a zipcut or the S-1 if you don't care for the pull-up bar.


The lowest safety pin at the ppr is at over bench height. gpr however features the pins as low as close to ankle height, which can become quite helpful for several special exercises.


Thanks spongechris. I could also seeing that come in handy if my wife ever lifts since she won't be able to deadlift 135 right away.


Spend the extra money and get this:


I've had mine for 4 years and have beat the living shit out of it. Good as new minus all the smash marks, blood, and fear sweat that splashed up on it once... once.


Before you go with any of those options reach out to this guy www.blackwidowtg.com

He can match anyone's specs and build it to fit you space exactly.


I almost always agree with Storm but not this time. Nothing wrong with his suggestion if you aren't on a budget but you don't need to spend anywhere near this kind of money to get what you are looking for. I have a virtually identical rack except it is 2" by 2" instead of 3 by 3. I have had much more weight on it than what you are talking about using and I have never had any issues at all. Got it at a garage sale for $50 almost four years ago. Not sure where you are located but if you are anywhere close to a major city you should be able to find a decent used rack on craigslist that will fit your needs for under $300 and if you get lucky maybe for $200.


Just checked my local craigslists listings for the heck of it. Flip through the pics in this listing, there is an old commerical gym aquat rack which I guarantee will hold more than anyone could ever squat listed for $100, I know you are talking about a power rack , I'm just putting this up to show you what is available for very little money without doing much work. http://columbus.craigslist.org/spo/3395509309.html



I have the BodySolid GPR378, and it's a great piece of equipment. I can't speak for the Powerline racks. The GPR378 also has the option of the lat attachment/pulley, which I also have and use very often. It's built very solid, and assembly is also easy with just yourself.

My only regret is that I also bought the heavy duty BodySolid adjustable bench. It's not a bad benhch at all, but after doing some more research after I made my purchase, I found the Ironmaster Superbench, which looks to me like the best home bench out there.


What about this rack?


It's $400 shipped.

I know the reviews say that the base support in the front of the rack makes it hard to walk out a squat, but I'd probably just put the j-hooks in the front.


I live near Minneapolis/St. Paul MN and have been monitoring CL for a few months. The problems I have run into are:
1. I have found 8' commercial racks for cheap but I can't get a welded frame that large into my basement due to a tight stairwell.
2. I have found used residential racks with weights/bars/benches included and I already have that other stuff plus none of them were that great of a deal.


I have actually seen that rack in Dick's Sporting Goods. The pull up bars are nice, but the listed capacity is 500 lbs and I would rather spend the extra $$ to get the sturdier Body Solid rack.


Thanks for the advice. I have a cheap bench right now and when I go to up grade I will probably get a used commercial bench because I have seen a number of those on CL. I am leaning towards the GPR378 right because I am thinking spending an extra $200 might be worth the piece of mind knowing you will never need to upgrade.


For another $100 you can get this:


Rogue makes some awesome equipment. I have tons of Rogue equipment in my home gym. Good prices, American made!



Im in MPLS also, randomly there is one or two good squat racks a month but they get bought instantly it always seems.


There is an older Body Solid cage in between 200 and 378, which was much sturdier than the 200 but not much more expensive. I would hunt for a used one. (Yes I bought it)