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Body's Finite Capacity to Respond to Training


Coach hope the weekend seminar went well. Let us know if any replays streaming :slightly_smiling:

Something you've mentioned and wanted to understand better was how the body has limited resources to respond to training (limit strength, strength skill, hypertrophy), for a "natural" athlete.

What methods might increase/decrease these resources?
-Activate more than fatigue
-Explosive jumps
-Ring/gymnastic holds (nonfailure)?
-Drilling one movement over and over

-Excessive heavy eccentric
-Too many motor patterns/different exercises one workout?
-Excessive concentric failure work

And how does workout structure impact this? (i.e. CNS demanding stuff first -> strength compound -> isolation, vs reversing the order?)

Apologies for the laundry list dump, I've just noticed some (unfavorable) effects to my own body/mood from my training. Despite the several week hiatus I don't feel like top of the game.

And I wonder if it is because of lifestyle (diet/stimulants) or training (still ring work followed by layers). And if a big change up is in order..

Many thanks