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BodyRock? Crossfit, But Sexy. Really Sexy.


So here I sit in the frozen hills of North Dakota drilling for oil, and looking for ways to stay in shape. No gyms, no equipment (except for a lift sub or two). Looking for ideas I came across this chica, and DAMNNNNNNNN she is fine!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus she has some seriously twisted and sadistic body weight routines.


I figured this would be a good change of pace compared to all those playground training videos. So I'm gonna go watch some more of her videos, and work on some grip and forearm work.


She used to be a porn model!



I figured somebody would have posted something about her before, but I didn't care. It's snowing outside and the nearest woman is 50 miles away.


Her body is killer!


She is bangin for a 30something. But she is also a pornaflicking actor. Well, I guess that doesn't matter at all, really. She has really big boobs for a skinny girl.


She looked a lot better before the insanely low bf% and implants. I didn't even think that was possible.


So Bujo this will be your arm if the nearest woman is 50 miles away?


That dude needs to learn to switch-hit...