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Bodyrock 2006


The NPC BNS BodyRock 2006 event will take place Saturday July 8th at the George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. I was talking to TrainerinDC and we were wondering who else from T-Nation is going to attend. Is anyone from T-Nation competing in any of the events?

I will at least attend the Expo and probably the show as well. Gunter has already committed as guest poser among others. Monica Brant should be there as well. I first met her there 3 years ago. There is plenty to see/do for T-Nation Vixens as well .

For more info, check out the link below.




I will definitely be there for the entire day. Five or six people from my gym are competing.

Anyone not too far away should really go. I have been the last couple years and it is definitely a good time. Last year everyone walking around the Expo got to meet guys like Shawn Ray and Kevin Leronne.


I plan on attending. A good friend of mine/X girlfriend is competing in Figure. She should do well.


Yeah it is great. Especially if you have never been to a show or an Expo before. I struck BB gold the first time around. Bodyrock was the first Expo I ever went to and I got to meet Ronnie and the Blade. I got pics of it in my T-Nation section. I was about 250 or so at the time I think and next to Ronnie I looked like a twig. I was just a lot taller than him and Dex.

I also got loads of free shit which always is a good thing.


Cool man, where you from bro? Bodyrock has often been a staging ground to going pro so good luck to your friend man.


Im from the Waldorf area, about 25miles south of DC. Not sure if she can go pro just yet, but the experience will be great for her. Looking forward to the show, its always cool to see big time BB in person. I attended the NPC Junior National in Chicago last weekend. I was in the elevator with Melvin Anthony, pretty damn impressive.


We should set up a time and place for all the T people to meet up. Perhaps TC should send someone out with some complimentary Testosterone shirts for us all =D