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Bodypart Split Style Workout

I’ve been training with full body routines for a little while now and, while I’ve made some progress, I feel the need for a change.

For no other reason than I feel like it, I’ve decided to try a body part split type routine. I’ve never done body part splits before (even when I started lifting, before discovering T-Nation I did full body routines) so could do with some feedback on my plan.

I figure on the following split (rough plan leaving room to manouver). Based on my 1RM, heavy is 85% with around 15 - 25 total reps, medium is around 70% - 85% with 25 - 36 reps, and light is 55% - 70% with high reps, possibly around 50 (reps are total, not per set. I’ll be using a Waterbury based lift until you feel the weight slow down then terminate the set style)

Chinup - heavy
Row - medium
Deadlift - heavy
Reverse Fly - medium
Reverse Pushup - light (body weight)

Cable Bench - heavy
Incline Bench - medium
Flyes - medium
Bench Press - light (aggrevate my shoulder)

Adduction - medium / light (mainly for muscle activation)
Squat - heavy
Front Squat - medium
Romanian Deadlift - medium
Leg Curl - medium

Face Pull - medium
Military Press - heavy
High Pull - heavy / medium
Lateral Raise - light

Chinups - heavy
Dips - heavy
Pull Down - medium
Curls - medium
Skull Crushers - medium / light

Yes, there are two lots of heavy chins in there, that’s because I struggle with chins, so more is better.
I have a niggling shoulder problem in my right shoulder, hence the reasonably light chest day.
This isn’t a straight through program, I will have a day off between arms and back, and another day off in the middle, probably between chest and legs.
Exercises are in rough order of execution (rough meaning if there’s a 2 hour wait for the squat rack, I’ll clean the weight and do front squats, or do rom deads before front squats on alternate weeks)
I realise there is rather a lot of work in there and I may not be able to keep up with it, but dammit, I’m gonna try.

Yes I concocted it myself, so no it’s not going to be as good as one written by a T-Nation author. The point is, I want something to follow for a while that’s different to what I’ve been doing and I’m going to try this for at least a month even if everyone slates it to hell. Still, any opinions would be appreciated.

Heavy chins are good, however I would do back day like:

Deadlift - heavy
Chinup - heavy
Row - medium
Reverse Fly - medium
curl variation

“arms day” is poorly planned out. Drop it and add some isos to the upper body days. You have compounds that hit the shoulders/pecs/back on arm day. Do arms if you want, but do some extra isos on back/pressing days.

A push/pull/legs split might work well for you too.

I’ve never really trained arms, hence the poor arms day.

The reason I put chins first is because my grip tends to give out on chins when it’s tired, but deads I can hang on a little longer or use chalk, but I’ll try rotating the two and see how I get on.