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Bodypart Split Program Review

Whats up guys its my first time posting in here but ive been a reader for about a year I was wondering about some feedback about my lifting program/nutrition. I’m 19, 5’8 and 185 lbs and in my sophomore year of college.

Heres my general workout its a bodypart split

Monday: Chest and Triceps

Bench Press 5x5 at 225 lbs
Dips - 3 sets last til failure
Close Grip Bench 8x3
Incline DB Bench 6x4 with 80 lb DB

Teusday : Back and biceps

Pullups ; 3 sets last til failure
One Arm Dumbell Row: 90 lb DB 5x5
Zottman Curls 5x5
Rack Pulls: 245 5x5

Wednesday: off
Thursday: Legs and Shoulders
Squat: 5x5 with 275
DB Arnold Press 10x3 with 60 lb DB
Leg Curl: 5x5
Calf Raise
Friday : Chest nd Tris- same as Monday
Saturday Back nd Bis-same
Sunday Legs and Shoulders-same

I’m currently following a high protein diet that consists typically of Metabolic Drive, Eggs, Chicken Breasts and Milk and get carbs from whole grains like oatmeal and try to get as many vegetables as i can but it is hard because im in college and clean food on campus is hard to come by…I normally consume close to 2,000 cal with 150 g of protein… any feedback would be great thank you

You see to have some experience with those numbers, but it seems you’re undereating at 2000 calories at 185 lbs. Are you sure you’re only eating that much? And what exactly are you r goals? Might as well get some specific advice and not just general “ya I guess it’s okay” comments.

One thing I would change is leg curls. When are you ever going to perform a leg curl motion in real life? I’m not a funtional training harper, but it really just makes my face scrunch up into a raisin when I see people doing leg curls. Maybe since you’re doing squats on thursday you could do deadlifts on saturday to replace the leg curls then you still have till tuesday for rack pulls. Just a suggestion.