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Bodypart split or routine

Happy holidays to all!!! I am curious to know what routine everyone is following and how you split up your bodyparts. Feel free to explain your rationale behind it too. I know how a lot of us train from reading other threads but I thought it would be cool to see it in one post. I am training Abs/Arms on saturday, Legs on sunday, Abs/Back on tuesday and Chest/Shoulders on wednesday. Going to stay in the 4-6 rep range for January-February. Cardio is on all 3 off days. This is the same routine I have been doing for the last 2 months however I was staying in the 10-12 rep range. Not looking for any particular info here, just curious. Peace.

The most common split I employ is a 4 day per week split:

Vertical Push/Pull, Rotational Abs

Squat Dominant Legs, Calves, Trunk Flexion

Horizontal Push/Pull, Lateral Trunk Flexion

Deadlift/Olympic Lifts, Lower Body Flexion

Jason’s split is the one I use and respect the most. There are advantages to mixing one’s split up, but that split dominates for me. From there, it’s a matter of arranging the days for whatever prioritization I’m looking for.

That is a very effective split…I think I am going to incorporate that into my program permanently…did u get that Ian King’s “Get Buffed?” arms? or you just stick with the indirect work?

Well, this split is based on some of Ian King’s ideas, but incorporates a lot of my own interests. I do include arm work on different phases. Usually, I’ll do bis with the vertical push/pull workout and triceps with the horizontal push/pull.

The biggest benefit I see to this split is that everything gets worked directly once a week and indirectly another one or two times a week.

Full body, 3 X week.

Split routines no longer make any sense to me. 14-15 sets a day, usually one set per exercise all HST style.

This was the way people trained before roids came up, and it’s still one of the most productive ways for a natural to train.

My own bodypart split:
Day 1 Shoulders-Quads
Day 2 Hip dominant and upper back.
Day 3 Chest and arms

I try to go 2 days in a row, but never go day1 and 2 without a days rest inbetween.
Calves and abs are worked as often as possible. I go by feel here and change set/rep schemes frequently to maximize hypertrophy in calves and to maximize strength/stability in abs.
I need to bring up Hamstrings and delts -so I do delts before Quads so I will be fresh when I’m working my delts.
Arms are a strongpoint so I simply pump my bi’s with whatever exercise I stumble across and hit my tri’s hard with heavy extensions and some sort of press (must bench more…).

I very much respect your opinion. While I have not had a really positive experience with HST (more of a personal preference than results based opinion), my second most common break down is a MWF split which is much more total body related. Usually, M and F are squat, olympic lift, full body lifts and W is more speciality work like benches and chins.

Also, when I'm doing the 4 day split as mentioned above, I usually include at least one full body training day on an off day where I do kettlebell and sledgehammer work.

I still think splits make sense to a certain extent, but I do enjoy a more full-body approach to training and I no longer worry about workout to workout crossover.

Jason, at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference.

I’m not of the opinion that split routines are a waste of time and/or won’t work, it’s just I’m addicted to this type of training and with the gains I’ve made, I see no reason whatsoever to go back on a split.

Restless, what kind of gains have you made?

Since I started HST in April I went from 83 kg to 91 kg with a 2-3% increase in BF. I cutted for six weeks though. That’s a gain of around 20 pounds for you metrically chalenged ones. A search for my nick and HST will probably come up with a few of my progress reports.

Thanks to all of you that replied. I appreciate it! Jason I must say that I never considered a routine like yours with a vertical and a horizontal push/pull day. I am intruiged to say the least, and am thinking about trying it out. Restless I tried HST for an honest 3 months a while back and while I think it is a great program, I just got bored doing full body workouts. I am glad it is working out for you though. Hey if you are making gains then stay with it I say! Thanks again fellas.

Hey I am doing legs in one workout, but I am working hams first to bring them up too. Made my squat poundage drop a little but stiff leg deads are going up like mad!

I agree with Restless. I have just started my second HST and was very pleased with the results of the first one. I work out M,W,F with AM being lower body and ABS and PM being upper body. 8 sets for each session. Each session takes about 25 minutes.

When I get to the 5’s and negatives, I add one 15 rep exercise for each body part as a finisher. I had been doing a four day split for many years previously and the divergence from a volume type workout may account for some of my success but I also think that Bryan Haycock has supported the theory behind HST with very convincing research.

It also appears to me that most of the recent research seems to support three to four full body workouts per week as oppossed to doing each bodypart once per week.

Please don’t think that I am bashing HST! I think Brian may be on to something huge. He certainly has the science and success stories to back up his training theories. I just got bored is all. I like hitting one to two bodyparts per workout more because my mind stays fresher. I think HST is a great program, just not my cup of tea.

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