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Bodypart Fail. Chest Training.

Got a problem w/ my chest…I’ve been lifting for over 12 years now and always manage to get good gains when i put my mind to it so it never bugged me…but i thought i’d finally ask. who knows maybe someone else has the same issue.

My chest almost always stays sore for the entire week. Other bodyparts, adapt quickly…even bigger muscle groups like legs/back. Diet helps…but still not enough for me to be able to do chest twice a week. I am able to gain in strength and size with my chest (though strength, i consider myself a little weeker eg. bench 1RM 315lbs, while friends my size/shape are normally benching around 400…not that it bothers me a great deal)

has anyone else experinced a problem like this with only a specific bodypart? (doesn’t bother me that much, just wondering if i would get a hallelujah moment from a reply if i said i wish to work my chest twice a week.)

Do you have long arms?

Just because your chest is sore doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t train it again.

Well I don’t want this to sound too curt, because it’s not my intention, but just suck it up man. If you’re still sore 5 days after doing chest, it sounds like you just need to push through it. I can’t possibly imagine having that bad of a recovery time, especially if you’ve been lifting for 12 years.

Try doing the 20-rep squat program. That will, no doubt, teach you to blast through the soreness.

I think the problem is that after 12 years of lifting your 1RM is only 315.

Won’t training when your still sore a bit counter-productive.

[quote]The1andOnly wrote:
Won’t training when your still sore a bit counter-productive.[/quote]

I don’t think much about muscle soreness. I think if you train through it you might find that eventually you’ll recover faster and get less sore.

What does your chest workout look like?

[quote]SSC wrote:

Try doing the 20-rep squat program. That will, no doubt, teach you to blast through the soreness.[/quote]

that’s a great idea! hell for legs do you suggest standing military press?

sheesh :stuck_out_tongue:

I use to be sore for 2 - 3 days in my chest. tho for me its more of a problem to increase in bench

Perhaps you should try to cut back a little on volume and it can help you to increase the frequency. How’s a typical chest day looks like? You must be doing lot of stuff to get that 5 days soreness. :open_mouth: