bodyopus vs. anabolic diet vs. t-dawg

Has anyone used all 3 of these versions of a ckd, which variation was the most successful for fat loss? if following bodyopus did you follow duchaines exact reccomendations, did the long carb up he reccomends work? which version caused the least muscle loss? if you had 6 weeks to get as lean as possible which would you choose?

Well if you look at all three closely you’ll see that they are all virtually the same thing. Most people will not do well w. Duchaine’s carbup recommendations (way too high and for too long a time) for the average joe) unless you are genetically gifted in metabolism/insulin sensitivity, and if you’re asking how to get cut in six weeks you probably aren’t (no offense, I’m not either). T-Dawg would probably be good enough, although if you have a deadline I’d be stricter w. your carb-up and maybe consider 86ing the pre-post-workout carbs. Definitely try German Body Comp for your training-it is awesome but you have to hit it 110%. Whatever route you go, I would not carb for more than 24 hrs, and I would avoid fructose and sucrose as much as you can during this time. If you need every last detail from carb grams/fat to protein ratios/workouts/etc check out Lyle McDonald’s book-in my opinion he wrote the book (no pun intended) on ketogenic dieting.

teddy, i appreciate the input. i know they are all pretty much the same, i was just wondering if any of the small differences among them made one variation work better such as adding post workout carbs, shorter load,etc. i will basically do the t-dawg with with an optional load on saturday, depending on how i look and feel. i will try and keep the saturated fat lower than the anabolic diet and instead use more flax oil. i’ve used the higher saturated fat(bacon, sausage, etc.) and felt so unhealthy. i will basically just eat red meat, chicken, turkey, buffalo, fish, and eggs ,along with salads and vegetables. i think it should work pretty well. i’ll let you know.