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Bodyopus Diet Tips?


has any body tried it? any tips?


don't stray too far from a toilet on your first liquid carb loading day...

but other than that, I did the diet a long time ago (about 8 years), and only lasted for like 2 weeks...it was my first ketogenic diet and it sucked...So, I can?t be that much help.


This is by Lyle McDonald right? What book was it in?


No. Lyle wrote "The Ketogenic Diet".
Dan Duchaine wrote "Bodyopus".
Bodyopus contains some decent info on lower carb, higher fat diets. But trying to follow the diet as spelled out in the book is kind of a pita, because it is so structured - during refeeds (carb ups), one has to eat every 2 1/2 hours, and the book even recommends getting up in the middle of night to eat. What a pita.
Try Lyle's "The Ketogenic Diet." Lots of good info about keto diets in there.


Or UD2, also by Lyle Mcdonald. It's a ckd (like Bodyopus) but has been updated. Lots of people have had good results if they stick to it. Also, read Lyle's bodyopus diaries.


Body Opus is the BEST diet I've ever followed for fatloss and recomposition. If you have the will power and follow it to a "T" you'll get great results. Unfortunately, after about six cycles I just couldn't stomach the thought of another week without carbs.
Contrary to the last poster the refeeds are entirely do-able and no, I didn't spent the majority of the refeed days on the toilets.


Where are the diaries?


I agree; I did BodyOpus a few times, and I could never get past 5-6 weeks without my stomach rebelling against me; I'd almost hurl every time I even thought about another egg or piece of bacon. It's not much fun. I lost a lot of weight during those 5-6 weeks, though.


Try here



you said it was great what were youre before and after stats like?