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Bodyopus Diet and T2

Wanted to know whos tried bodyopus diet…i have some questions about it…also is biotest T2 any good…was thinking about trying it…thanks.

Tried it.

  1. It can be hell
  2. find a lot of fatty foods that you like to eat. gluconeogenisis = you make glucose from protien. Thus, you see the reason for getting plenty of fat in the diet. (get flax oil, olive oil. . .) Avoid atkins supplements with glycerine.
  3. if you have trouble with obtaining ketosis, cut out cheeze/cream, diet soda and breath mints.
  4. Three day re-feeds ant a bad idea
  5. pepperoni is invaluable (pork rines if you can stomach them)
  6. BUY a fiber suplement without sugar (this is nasty) In the future I’ll see if i can get into ketosis while eating bran (it taste better than fiber supps.)
  7. Keto sticks are optimal
  8. A glucometer is handy.
  9. old keto sticks will not turn purple
  10. THIS IS LIKELY THE BEST BIT OF WISDOM I CAN OFFER. Play around with traditional diets first. If you hit a nasty wall at 5 or 10% body fat, use bodyopus. Dan recomends useing body opus if you are under 12%. I think that is high.

nope its no good. we dont use any biotest products around here. very low quality. i recommend weider brand as an alternative.

for starters thanks melhama…i am pretty chubby right now…around 20%…i like the idea of intense dieting followed by a brief time period of a little slack dietining…meaning i get to eat high glycemic carbs…also to the guy with the comment about biotest…yeah i didnt mean to state it that way…i like some biotest products…i am thinking of T2 and just wanted to know if anyone had any feed back on it…also if you would have read bodyopus you would know that shut down of T3 can happen and i was wanting to know if T2 supplement will help bring this back up…thanks.

is it that difficult to type “t2” into the search engine?


If you really are pondering an attempt at Bodyopus, I’d recommend you pick up a copy of The Ketogenic Diet by Lyle Mcdonald and giving that a read first.


Yeah, I’ve done the Bodyopus thing. It was one of the most effective diets I have ever used. It is also the hardest diets I’ve ever done.

On this diet, eating 1 stick of sugarless gum will blow your diet for the entire week! That’s pretty strict stuff.

I would take a look in T-Mag for the T-Dawg 2.0 diet for a low carb diet, or search for “keto support group v.2” in the forums if you want a keto diet.