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Bodyopus - Believers and Followers


Hey folks new to the forum but have been reading T-Nation since 2000.

I am a personal fan of Duchaine and his diet Bodyopus.

My best results were went from 190 with 42" waist with around 30% bodyfat to 175 with 33" waist around 9% bodyfat.
This took around 16 weeks to achieve. Of course there were a couple of weeks where I came off the diet to keep my sanity.

I have been back on this diet for 5 weeks now and have seen results but not as good as I usually get.

Started out at 180 at 38" waist and weighing around 190 with 36.5" waist. As I said earlier its been around 5 weeks.
I am on a cycle.
1mg of armidex day.
Adding clen or eca in the upcoming month.
Also ran DNP low 200mg a day for 3 weeks to jumpstart diet. Lord knows I am going to get some grief for this I bet. LOL

Supplements I take are
R-ALA around 300-400mg a day,
Fish Oil Capsules (9 grams a day)
Just starting taking Glutamine preworkout 10grams.

I also take whey protein and muscle milk. I usually take this after my workouts or if I dont have any food around to eat while at work. Additional Note: Muscle Milk has a fair amount of carbs in it and I wonder if this is hampering my results.

Training: Big fan of Poliquin and King. However I have been just varying each workout I do. This last weeks workout looked like the following...

Monday: PM Quads and Chest
Squats 10X10 with 225. Last 4 sets only got 5-8 reps. Also they were parallel or lower.
Barbell Bench 5X5 with 205
Low Incline DB Press 3X8-10 with 60s
Chest Press Machine 2X15-20

Tuesday: AM Back, Abs, Biceps
Pull-Ups 5X5
Standing T-Bar Row 3X8-10
Seated Cable Rows 3X10-12
Cable Pullover 3X15-20
Bicep Circuit:
Reverse Curls 3X6
Hammer Curls 3X10
Dumbbell Curls 3X15

Wednesday: Sat on my ass and thought about doing cardio but didnt. Played my Wii does that count as cardio? LOL

Thursday: AM Hamstrings and Shoulders
Roman Deadlifts 5X5 with 245
Lying Leg Curl 3X8-10
Reverese Hypers 3X15 with no resistance. We dont have an actual reverse hyper just had to do it on a back extension machine.

Friday: AM Back, Biceps, Traps
Bent Over Rows 3X8 with 185
Assisted Pull-Ups 3X8
1-arm cable row 3X10-12
Wide Bi-Lateral lat pulldowns on functional trainer 3X10-12
Wide Parallel Cable Row Standing 3X15-20
Dumbbell Pullover 3X15-20
Dumbbell Shrug 3X15
Barbell Curls 3X10

Friday: PM Biceps, Triceps, Obliques
Cable Side Bends 3X10
Close Grip Overhead Press 3X10
Rope Pushdowns 3X20
Reverse Curls 3X10
Rope Curls 3X20

Saturday and Sunday: Sit on rear and work on honey-do list.

M-F Low Carb, Mod. Protein, Mod. to high Fat
Sat-Sun Carb Up

Example of daily diet:
Preworkout 10 grams of glutamine 7-8AM

Postworkout 9-10AM
40 grams of whey protein
10-20 grams of carbs either from Muscle Milk if I use it or I add a few berries to my shake. Probably should cut this out since I am not dropping bodyfat as quickly as I desire.
3 grams of fish oil capsules.

Mid Morn Snack: 10-11am
Piece of cheese or small serving of meat
Handful of nuts

Serving of meat
Green leafy vegetable
Sometimes a small serving of beans or another vegetable. Again I havent seen the results so maybe kick out the beans and stict to vegetable.
3 grams of fish oil capsules.

Mid Afternoon Snack:
Protein drink 20-40 grams of protein
Handful of nuts
Lean piece of meat
Handful of nuts

Some type of meat
1-2 Vegetables
3 grams of fish oil capsules

1-2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter - may have to start cutting this out.

Water all day, 1-2 diet sodas or unsweet tea, and rarely a cup of coffee with nutrasweet in it.

Temp: This morning upon awakening and last night of no carbs before today carb up was 98.3 degrees.


Is there a question in there?


I am really just looking for others who use this diet on a regular basis.

I am not leaning up the way I want to however I have dropped some bodyfat and gained a good bit of lbm at the same time which is good.

After carbing up this weekend I weighted in at 193. Up 6 lbs from Friday.

I have not started any cardio yet but will add 1-2 sessions this week and see if this affects my drop in bodyfat for the week.

As stated earlier just want to find a pool of others who use this diet so we can compare notes.

Also to hear success stories.


Those that follow this program do you prefer heavy weights for 2-8 reps on Monday and Tuesday or high Mod weight for 10-20 reps?

I am not getting into ketosis as quickly as I would like.

I suspect my protein intake may be a lil high. Also using muscle milk mixed with whey protein after my workout and wonder if there is too many carbs in it.

Any thoughts?

Also how long does it take most of yall to get into ketosis. I usually get into ketosis Wednesday night or Thursday morning which to me is too long. I would like to be in ketosis Wed. morning.


I don't think many here are familiar with bodyopus. I have never actually read it, but I've skimmed and am currently following a "revised" bodyopus type cutting program written by Lyle McDonald known as "The Ultimate Diet 2.0".

Most of your information is pretty unorganized and its hard for me to follow considering I don't know the actual bodyopus diet. I do know however how The Ultimate Diet 2.0 works. I would say on your low cal/ carb days to stick with high reps, moderate weight.

Ketosis can be reached within 48 hours I believe. In my opinion it looks like you're eating way too many carbs to be effectively reaching ketosis. I would cut the added fat (peanut butter/nuts), and just stick to lean meat/ fibrous vegetables on your low cal/ carb days with supplemented fish oil. Muscle milk has too much fat/ sugar to be drinking anytime during this diet honestly. I would try to get a Casein blend of protein such as Metabolic Drive if you need to supplemented protein source, as it tends to be more anti- catabolic and isn't absorbed as quickly as whey (whey can also spike insulin which u dont want during cutting, save it for your carb up/power workout).And yes you could probably afford to cut the protein back a bit, just to decrease total calories.

Instead of cardio on your low cal days you could try "NEPA", which basically involves 30-60 minute faster than your "normal" slow walk. It'll help burn calories, speed up recovery, yada yada yada without the catabolic effects of prolonged cardio.

You should really look into the book I mentioned though (The Ultimate Diet 2.0 by Lyle McDonald). Basically a guy revised and made effective improvements to the original Bodyopus. He even makes references to drug options that can help see better results. I think it'll help clear up foggy areas and you should really see more efficient results. I've been on this diet/ training for about 6 weeks and I'm becoming more shredded every week (losing about 1-2 pounds a week but holding all strength/muscle mass as far as I can tell). I love this diet, very effective way for those to achieve low levels of bodyfat. I live for the weekly carb up, even though these days are the hardest psychologically for me.

I hope this helped. I don't do a very good job at explaining things but hopefully you get something out of this post since no one has responded to you.


Thanks for the feedback bro.

I actually have Lyles book and read over it. I guess I am a hardcore Duchaine fan so I tend to stick with what he wrote.

I will get Lyles book out this weekend and read over it again. I actually have the Ulimate Diet 1.0 by Duchaine...the first book on this specific diet.

When do you choose to your heavy weight and low reps. I do mine on Mon and Tues because I still have glycogen in my system even though I am low carbing it.

I have reached ketosis in 48 hours but lately have not been.

I agree with you on cutting out the muscle milk. I also think I need more fiber in my diet.

I also need to get some flaxseed oil and add it to my shakes to get extra fat.

I love this diet because my strength, size stays up. I usually lean up quicker but I think I have found why its been so slow.

Finally can NEPA be found on this website?

Thanks again for responding. I will be sure to bounch ideas and problems that come up off you.

Also am curious to hear your results at end of diet.


Right now I'm doing an 8 day version of the intended 7 days. I'm trying to burn fat faster and am extending the low cal/ carb phase by an extra day. Basically my days are as follows:

Day 1: Maintenance calories (low GI carbs switching to only vegetable fibrous carbs after 6 pm). May throw in some light cardio or NEPA here.

Day 2: Depletion fullbody workout (high reps, low weight), 50% of maintenance calories, limiting fat (fish oil) and carbs to 40-50 grams (most of the calories come from protein sources).

Day 3: See above

Day 4: Off from gym. I try to throw in some NEPA/cardio. Same calorie requirement as above.

Day 5: I try to get to the gym to do some foam rolling/ stretching. I've been turning this day into gym social hour.. may do a few reps of this or that; areas where I may not have hit well enough during the depletion workouts. Recently I've been trying some new mobility stuff I've never done before. NEPA/ cardio. Same calories as above.

Day 6: Tension fullbody workout. Load up the weight a bit, approximately 65-75% of my 1RM and try and do between 8-12 reps. I drink a simple carb/ protein drink before this workout. Afterwards I drink 2 shakes of just about 150g simple carbs/ 50g protein two hours apart. If theres anytime left before bed, I like to eat something like low fat cereal and skim milk. I try not to get more than 50-60 grams of fat this day or any day for that matter.

Day 7: FUN DAY: pretty much just sit around all day in a drowsy state and eat starch. just get enough protein per lb and eat eat eat. no workout.

Day 8: Power full body workout. I play around with this and do about 75-90% 1RM. Low reps of course usually no more than 6. I eat a little higher than maintenance today especially considering I'm drinkin a high carb/protein drink before, during and after my workout.

Thats about it. I hope that helps. I don't know for sure but for some reason I think Lyles revised diet is more efficient. I'm thinking about making a journal on here because i'm only gonna be on this for about 4 more weeks before I go back to maintenance or start "bulking" (i refuse to ever get fat again) and I really want to dial this shit in and burn this belly fat to get shredded. I think keeping a journal will help keep my motivation high. I just recently started meticulously tracking my calories on fitday.com so that should definately help.

I definately hear you on the holding strength. I havn't lost one bit of strength and could very well have gained some small amounts of mass. I even hit a personal best on squat last power workout although I think my calories were overall too high. I've probably lost about 10 or so pounds, that being all fat so i'm starting to look more defined.

I'll probably go back to the original 7 day version because a buddy is gonna hop back on the diet with me. Always nice to have someone suffer through the workouts with and have meal consulation.

If you want to read about NEPA, i read an overview about it on member gustavopacho's physique clinic thread.

I'll probably be making a detailed journal on here soon, so be on the look for it. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Lyle has a forum too at bodyrecomposition.com that I frequent when I need to search for something about UD2. That is all. Happy cuttin'.


I have done bodyopus to the T just like duchaine said even woke up every two hrs to eat fri and sat night. The best diet I ever used unfortunately its a pain in the ass but its very effective. I lost fat and kept my gains without AAS!

If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer. I don't quite agree with the types of AAS you are using now. Those aren't the best choices for cutting and adex at 1mg is a little overkill I think .5mg at most is effective. If your still getting estrogen problems than letro might be a better choice just watch out for sides and estrogen rebound. Its a more powerful AI.

For rep range I keep it between 6 and 12, Stay away from lifting heavier your joints will thank you especially on a caloric restricted diet. Your asking for problems when you lift too heavy.


       Here's the resident expert on our boy Duchaine. I was wondering when you would show up to help this guy Hagar? You're in good hands with Hagar dude. Stick with it and you'll kick ass I'm sure.



Thanks for the info bro. Would love to see a journal. I may try and do one myself. If anything I will post results once done. I also will check out NEPA...keep in touch and let me know how things are going. I will keep my eye out for your threads.


Hey bro would love to talk more. Should I hit you up via PM or on this thread?


Thanks for the response bro.


Here is my best transformation to this date. This was about 3 years ago. Since then I have done two other good transformations but not to this degree.

Unfortunately in the past three years my training has been on again off again so I never solidified my results.

Hopefully this can be the year I do my best.


Another pic from transformation.


Last and final before and after.


Impressive transformation man. I hear ya on the on and off training. My past training is very similar to yours. I've never reached my full potential but have had decent results in the past. Hopefully this current cut will be the first and last prolonged cut of my life. I want to maintain a low body fat percentage here on out while building muscle slowly.

I'm not sure your location but I'll tell you one thing... we should be in tip top shape come warmer weather :wink:


Hey thanks for the bump TB. I here Austria is lovely this time of year.


You could keep it on this thread. It might help out some other people too.


I, too, have done BO in the past and the first thing I noticed was that you don't really follow DD's training advise ie
Split your training into upper/lower body on Monday/Tuesday with aerobics on Wed/Thur and a full body workout done in circuit style on Fri in order to fully deplete muscle glycogen and then start the carb up immediately after.
I also agree with Hagar, that it's very effective, but a pain in the ass to follow.


Yep thats how I did it too. Mon was upper body and tues was legs wed, thur, and fri mornings cardio. The depletion w/o would always take me 2.5 hrs.