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Do any of you guys shave chest or body hair ? What type of razor do you typically use ? any pointers ?
Also, does anybody use Nair, EpilStop or any other unique hair removal systems, and if so how well do they work.


I’m a hairy bastard. I’ve done it all, from waxing, shaving, Nair, plucking and laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is good, but it’s expensive, somewhat painful and takes many visits. But it works. I keep my chest trimmed with an electric trimmer. Every once in a while I may shave it. But usually, I’ll just trim things. I do use the MACH 3 razor though. The Gillette Sensor Excel works well too. I’ll use that for my face and armpits. Those are the only things that I always shave (except for the goatee and sideburns of course). Otherwise, trimming works the best for me. No point in wasting hours each week shaving my body because I’m a hairy bastard.

I use Jantana hair removal goop in a bottle. I use it on my upper arms because tattoos under a layer of hair are harder to appreciate. I use it to remove those funny patches of hair on my back too (and they told us that working around that radiation was harmless). It has to sit for 10-12 minutes and then you rinse it off well. The skin is sensitive for a day or so but really smooth.

Where is the Jantanna stuff available ? How long do the results usually last ? And what exactly is involved in the skin being sensitive ?
thanx for your help guys

Epilstop doesn’t work on me. I am trying to get a refund on it. Nair works for me, but no workout friends want to help me put it on my back(LOL0)

The only area on my body that I have ever shaved, or ever will shave, is my face and the back of my neck when I get a haircut, which is every 3 weeks. Who wants to look like a chihuahua?

a friend of mine is hairy and too self conscious about it. stop worrying… as long as it’s not like a rug it’s fine.

A friend of mine used epilstop on his chest and it burned him man it was disgusting he had scabs on his chest ewwwwwwww it was nasty.