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Bodyguard I Hate You!


I started watching The NBA Playoffs.

My productivity has died, man.

I'm not complaining, I'm getting crap done - but as a conversation piece, ever get into something that you have to pull yourself away from to get real work done? I'm sure the majority of us can put down drinking/fucking as something that we either spend a goodly amount of time on or thinking about, but more fun things like side projects (anyone working on a ridiculous treefort?) or crafts.



oh no its an epidemic!


Treeforts are for kids...bunkers are for adults, build a bunker. And don't you mock my macrame crafts mister.


I'm thoroughly confused. You hate me?


I think I would still prefer a tree fort over a bunker.

Hitler had a bunker. Hitler DID NOT have a tree fort. You wanna be like Hitler, Bond?


BG you know by him typing that how many people will view this thread. Sorry man you got a rep. But its all good.


What, I have no idea what you are talking about.



I was waiting for this.


Hitler also had a mountain hidaway, not exactly a tree fort but I don't want to split hairs :wink:

Fear the stashe'!

I would totally get into buiding a tree fort as a growed up person, I will admit that.

This is a picture of the spoon V uses to stir up shit...I approve.


A: This is considered the most awesome form of dwelling.

Q: What is a motherfucking tree house?

2 is gnarly.


Now I REALLY want a tree house. Those were some badass ideas.

I spent a few days building a tree house at my aunts. It was crude but, as I was young, it was awesome. Unfortunately, I did not ask for permission to build it so my mom made me tear it down a few days before it was officially complete. Sad day that was


didnt we do this already?


We <3 you.


Whats your point susie? Is everything you post a 100% origional novel idea or topic? I did my wife this morning and guess what, I'm going to do it again later tonight and it's going to be just as good!



Me too :slightly_smiling: Your wife that is. LOL. When are you going to work tomorrow??


He leaves for work around 7:37 am ... I'll be leaving his house around 9:30 .. I"ll leave the door open for you again ...


Ummm, My wife also works during the day, you guys aren't molesting my dog are you? Fucking gross.



Oh, so that was YOU?


what? it's a cute dog ...

that fuckin thing looooooves peanut butter


Ok, now things are starting to come together, Fucking go to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the other night for a snack and the jar is just about empty. I just bought it a week ago and had only had a couple scoops of it myself. I was just about to ask the wife about this also but nevermind. You could at least leave a 5 under the jar if your gonna use it all.