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BodyGem metabolic analyser, tampa terry and others

Tampa Terry and others,
Ive read that you use the BodyGem to measure ur metabolic rate, I read an abstract on it and it seemed to be very accurate compared to the “Gold standard” of measuring ur metabolism…Seems promising.I was wondering where did you buy it? How much was it? And Once you find out your RMR how do you figure out your total metabolic rate…since theis doesnt tell you the total MR.

Thanks alot

If you haven’t already, type “bodygem” into the T-mag main page search engine and you’ll find lots of info.

Yeh I did but i didnt get alot of the info i was looking for like how much one costs, where he bought it Etc…but some questions were answered…

Hi, Pugs. I learned about the BodyGem here on T-Mag. The information it provided me was a real turning point for me.

The cost is above $1,000 per unit, not something most people are going to go out and buy. However, there’s a locator at www.healthetech.com/corp/ consumer/bodygem_locator.jsp. (Take out any spaces that appear in the link, of course.) What I did was contact a few places that provided the services in my city. One place wanted $200 for the test and a workup. HealthSouth charges $50 for the first test and $30 for all other follow-up tests. Bally’s Health Clubs are offering the service, too, but I’m not sure what they charge.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is supposed to be the energy/calories you expend sitting in a chair all day. Calorically, this might be a little low, but what I do is eat the number of calories that were reported as my RMR (1400, in my case) and create an additional deficit with cardio and weight training. And I don’t go crazy with the cardio, either. I really beieve it’s getting your diet right and that cardio is complementary.

I was told by the person that did the test that RMR is 80% of a sedentary person’s daily caloric expenditure. But Joel Marion has said that he feels it’s more like 60%. All I can say is that I’ve made slow and steady progress. My goal was only a pound a week.

If you’re interested, I’d be glad to share my diet with you. Since I started in October I’ve never varied from taking in the number of calories that match my RMR. However, there was one pretty serious plateau along the way. With some subtle tweaks I’m now making the progress that always dreamed of.

Terry, have you lost much LBM on this diet? I don’t know your vitals, but 1400 seems REAL low, enough to lose fat, but also some vital LBM along with that. Of your pound a week, what percentage would you say is fat and what is LBM? Are your weight workouts harder with such a low calorie intake? What kind of program are you doing (EDT, Meltdown, HST)?Just curious, cause I need to lose about 20 pounds of fat, but obviously while maintaining as much LBM as I can. Thanks!

Just wondering how are you guys doing in the FF? Just curious… I hope your still at it. Sorry if this is off topic. But we haven’t heard anything from you two in awhile. Hope all is well…And hope your having a good NEW YEAR!!!

Hi, Nick!!! For a while there I was doing everything wrong a person could do, so I lost some LBM. Re the 1400 number, it’s low compared to someone who’s 200 pounds (I’m not). It actually works out to a multiplier of 1.3 times LBM. I really do have a slow metabolism. I’m in thyroid USP at a pretty high dosage, slowly weaning myself off. Since I’m tracking BF and weight, I’ll have better numbers for you in a month re your question of whether I’m losing LBM.

Re my workouts, I’ve lightened up considerably. I’m doing one of Joel Marion’s strength programs, and I’m in the gym four days a week, about an hour. Before that (in my stupid days) it was five days a week 1.5 hours per session PLUS 2 hours of cardio seven days a week. I had no life. I had no energy. At this point I probably 3 days a week of cardio, no more than 30 minutes.

My recommendation is that you take your LBM and use the multiplier 15. Try taking in that amount of calories for two or three weeks if you’re doing something like T-Dawg because when you lower your carb intake and use up stored glycogen, you also lose water and end up losing “weight” very quickly the first week or two. So I would say reassess at Week 3.

Does that help?

I incorrectly said a multiplier of “1.3” when I should have said a multiplier of “13.”

Thanks, Terry. That’s about the amount of calories I’m taking in. I’m kind of on the Berardi “Don’t Diet” deal right now, but except for breakfast (all bran cereal for fiber), all my carbs are either coming from GROW bars or veggies, or my post workout Surge. So its kind of almost a Berardi/T-Dog hybrid. Its hard to gauge my progress since I’m still in rehab mode from my injured shoulder- I’m almost there though, but in the meantime, I’m doing HST training just to get my conditioning back, and not training as hard as I should. Hopefully soon… Definitely keep me posted on your progress, since our diets are almost the same theory wise…

Looks good, Nick. I started with John Berardi’s Don’t Diet diet. Even though I’ve lowered carbs since and incorporated carb refeeds, I think JB rocks!

I remember my recovery. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re working out as hard as you can, which IS as hard as you should be working out.

BTW, I’m doing some of the RC exercises you posted in that link. Thanks again!!!

Coincedently I get mine checked today at noon. One place I called charged $65. Health South is charging $50 with discounts on future visits.

Anyhow, TT what were your stats when you started. According to the numbers your LBM was ~108lb, is this correct? So I was wondering what your height, weight, fat % were and what they are now. Thanks. Croooz

Hi, there. And congrats to you and your wife on FF! So many of us here on T-Mag are on the same journey – just using different vehicles to get there. (grin)

Stats, numbers, percentages? I’ll post 'em all, before and after, along with pics, diet strategy, problems, solutions the end of March.