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How’s it going everyone? I just had a few questions. I’m 6ft 1/2in,260lbs and I think my BF is around 26%. I would like to get down to about 12%. I also understand it will take work and dedication and not happen over night. I am in pretty good shape despite how big I am and I don’t even look to be over 225. I don’t mind being 265lb but I at least would like to look good. My questions to you is what type of workouts should I do and what type of supplements if any should I take? I am a “Cherry” to all this so I honestly don’t know. I do push-ups, sit-ups, and run 2-3 miles 3 times a week mainly because that’s what the military requires. As far as aerobics, I just started to ride the staionary bike for 30min/day 3 times a week and also I do Taebo 30 min, 3 times a week. Is it enough? Should I add more? What about weight training? As far as nutrition I now eat at least 5-6 times a day. No set times or no set diet but I watch my fat and sugar intake. Any advice for that? Thanks guys.

drop the taebo. search the archieves for German Volume Training. its a high volume trianing that will make you stronger, more muscular and also burn more calories than most aerobics you do. work on high intensity aerobics such as sprinting. there comes a point where the additional cardio will do you more harm than good.

drop the junk food and high fat cuts of meat also.

adding muscle will greatly increase the amount of calories you burn even while at rest.

probably don’t need supplements yet. do it without anything for a while and then check this web site for what fat burners biotest has available. eat lots of protein - at least 200 grams a day

Start with the “diet manifesto” article at T-mag by Chris Shugart. He has a beginner weight training program too in one of his “dog school” articles. Do a search or look through the previous issues section. Oh yeah, and thank God you found T-rone!!!

First familiarize yourself with the Previous Issues tab on the left…you can do a search and come up with a ton of useful information. Sounds like you’re exercising enough, but I too would recommend dropping the TaeBo and doing strength training 3 times a week instead. I do chest, shoulders, and tris Monday; back, biceps, and calves on Wednesdays; and legs, biceps, and traps on Fridays. (you’re already jogging for Christ’s sake! so don’t do the TaeBo) The only way I was able to drop bodyfat and keep muscle is when I got my diet straight! That meant multiplying my bodyweight by 10 (faster fat loss) and eating that many calories, in 5-6 small meals daily. I got about 200 grams of protein, 150 grams of carbs, and about 30 grams of ‘healthy fats’. What helped also was doing my ‘cardio’ (running for you) first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and taking a ‘fat burner’ 30 minutes beforehand. Biotest (T-mag) makes a product called MD-6 which is excellent, but most fat burners are a combination of ephedra and guarna. You can try Ripped Fuel, Thermadrol, Dymetadrine, BetaLean, etc…good luck!!!

Welcome friend, and at the risk of sounding like BP, congrats on making a decision to change. I have to agree with the majority-you’re doing way too much cardio. Weight training is the quickest route from point a to point b. Diet is absolutely critical. It’s good that you’re eating 5-6 times/day, but not only should you watch your sugar but your carb intake in general. Refer to a glycemic index to see what various carbs are rated-the lower the rating, the better choice they are. Don’t be paranoid about fat, just focus on using good fats such as flax, fish, etc, and make sure you are getting sufficient protein. I would recommend the German Body Comp program for fat loss instead of the German Volume training (althogh I have a feeling this was a typo and this is what the first guy meant to recommend). This can be found in the Bowlful of Jelly article on this site. If you train according to the recommended protocols on this program, you won’t have to do much, if any, cardio and you might even gain some lean muscle in the process. Good luck!

First off you don’t need to diet, you need to make a lifestyle change in the way you eat. Watching your fat intake is good but fat doesn’t really cause fat. The intake of fats have a greater impact on your cardio vascular system that adding extra weight. Also be aware that decreasing your fat intake to much will also decrease your “T” levels. Try restricting your carb intake and increasing your protien, keep your fat intake to about 30% of your daily caloric intake. Count what you eat daily it should look something like this:
Carbs 30% - 201gm = 804 cal
Protien 40% - 268gm = 1072 cal
Fat 30% - 89gm = 804 cal (no more than 10% of your fat intake should be made up of saturated fats). This example will give you a daily calorie intake of 2680, devide this into five seperat meals throughout the day, each meal would consist of 536 calories each. And yes each meal should be consumed on a schedule each and everyday. I hope that this helps.

Drop all of that cardio. Read the diet manifesto article. And start with the either the German Volume Trainig 2000 or the German Body comp program.