Bodyfat %

Is it possible to go from about 20% bodyfat to 10% in about 4 months given the right diet and training program without much muscle loss? By the right diet I mean something in line of the t-dawg diet. This along with MD6 and T2-Pro.

Well, that depends on just how much weight that 10% actually represents. Given that 4 months equals approximately 120 days (18 wweks) you could expect to lose about 18-36 lbs of fat in that time while sparing most of your muscle mass (maintenance diet-500kcal per day). The trick is adjusting the maintenance cals as you lose weight.

Of course you can. You could even achieve 7% bodyfat. But, as you said, given the right diet and training program.

16 weeks is a long time. Eat and train right and you got it. laters pk

matt, I would say easily (but depends on your size)- running up to my competitions last year I started at 20% body fat (fucking stupid bulking cycle) and within 18 weeks was down to around 4%. I didnt use any form of thermogenics etc as I was entering a drug tested competition, all I did was drop a small amount of calories initally and then periodised my cardio to increase it as I was hitting plateaus in fat loss I lost around 3 pound of lean mass in the process.