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Bodyfat won't go down!!!HELP!!!

Having good books is one thing. Reading good books is another. Understanding the material is the real key. Sorry, but you didn’t make it to number three.

Take your own advise that you give to your clients. Unforunatly, there is NO SHORT CUTS!!! If you think there is a magic pill you sadly mistaken.

i have a whole bunch of books by joyce, hemingway and fitzgerald (not to mention a B.A. in creative writing), but i ain’t no prize-winning author.

as for carrying the fat in your ass, i think once you pull your head from it that problem will begin clearing up.

eat shit and die. thank you so much frustrato.

wtf are you trying to accomplish? your using mass building drugs and clearly have no mass, your using cutting drugs and have no cuts. what have you been “avidly lifting” for the last 5 years, your underground steroid handbook? i think you need to thumb through it again and turn to the nolvadex section. are you trying to relieve your hot flashes, and menstrual irregularities? then again based on your stats you probably have some tits that you need to get rid of, so continue with 30mg per day.

ps. your the fitness director, shouldnt you already know these things?

As a trainer, you should know that there are no such things as “short cuts” (and I hope you’re not teaching your clients about “short cuts”) just easy, lazy way outs that will bring you right back we’re you’re at.

You have to take the time to learn about your body and what is effective. This is not a short cut. It's a learning process that will enable you to train smart in the gym and folllow a nutrition plan that works for your needs.

As for your diet? I wouldn't suggest the Fat Fast. Did you see the T-Dawg 2.0? I'd check that one out. What do you mean by you're eating "strict"? DO you know what you eat on any given day? If ya can't list it here, than you need to begin a food journal. Plain and simple. Put away any notion of taking anymore supplementation until you get your diet squared away. Forget about your access to test, enanthate, etc. - you need to get your diet in order. I betcha once that happens, you won't need to even resort to Meltdown training. I would even go so far as to begin a 3-4 days a week routine were you just train heavy with the big compound movements. You do that, plus HIIT along with a improved eating behaviour? You'll see results.

Yes, folks, I'm being helpful here. I'm being polite - it's my nature. And I see this person is a personal trainer. Also, dude: after seeing what type of attitude is on this forum regarding trainers, does it not even surprise you with the response you rec'd? By calling others, "dumbasses" - you kinda validated that attitude. Just because you have Poliquin, King and Duchaine's books does not mean you are knowledgeble. You gotta do the work in the gym and kitchen, too. It seems you have not.

BTW: I don't have Poliquin, King, or Duchaine's books. Do they have pretty pictures in them?

Kudos Patricia,
I admire your thoughful and “to-the-point” threads. I’m alot like you, in that I like to be polite and offer words of encouragement as much as possible. I agree with everything you said in regards to how Frustrated can help to improve his dilemma. Although, I hate to say it…pretty much all the criticism he recieved was warranted. It seems to me, that as a certified trainer and fitness director…he should know all the answers to his questions.

Frustrated…I find it hard to believe you consider yourself a T-man if you are looking for short-cuts. In order to reach your goals, you need to make a conscious effort to work hard in the gym, and as Tampa Terry states, “dial in” to your diet. Dont rely so much on steroids and supplements. I’m not an expert on steriods, but I do know that steriods are ANABOLIC…and if you are trying to loss BF and weight…then taking steroids seems counterproductive. Regardless, you deserved the “flames” you recieved for the most part, because your inquiry seemed uneducated and down right insulting to most of the people who use the site. However, you have also recieved some sound advice here…so I suggest you use it. No one said this lifestyle was easy. If you are going to come on the forum and complain and whine that you are the fattest you have ever been and that you are out of shape…and that you are looking for a short-cut to fix that…then, sorry to say my friend, you dont deserve to be on this site. But, if you want to make the decision to get your ass in the gym, fix your diet and “go at it”…then GREAT!!! I am almost certain, there are many people here that will help you! Including me.

If you are really a personal trainer and fitnes director, I really feel sorry for your clients and those under you.

its what is going in your mouth. the best advice i got on this site regarding diet was to go to healthetech.com & get my rmr tested. then keep a food log.

it is such simple, YET TRULY EFFECTIVE advice.

thanks T-MEN, it really works. so many of us think we have our diets under control, yet when you get your rmr, add in daily activity + excercise & then subtract the amount you want to lose it is easy to see “why” many of us get nowhere.

it is sooooooo important to keep an accurate food log. i thought i was doing a good job, then I got serious about it & used the healthetech software & it gave me the reason i was stuck.